The Coursera platform launched an English-language course “Basic Skills in Constructive Communication” from SPbPU

17 August 2020 Education 936

Open Polytech in cooperation with the SPbPU Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade and the iNTG team prepared a course on the international Coursera platform. The course is aimed at raising participants’ awareness about constructive and effective communication with others.

The Coursera platform launched an English-language course Basic Skills in Constructive Communication from SPbPU

Communication is at the heart of everything: professional relationships, negotiations, interpersonal relationships, everyday situations. To communicate effectively, you need to learn how to approach this process competently and be ready to change yourself and your behavior. Insufficiently developed constructive communication skills lead to misunderstandings and conflicts between employees and managers. As a result, the efficiency of business processes, design work, and quality of services are reduced. This applies to any team and organization, and in the broad sense, to society as a whole.

The course will help students to improve interaction with others - to increase its effectiveness; to learn to formulate and convey thoughts and ideas more clearly, to be heard; to accelerate routine processes (through the ability to clearly set tasks and improve interaction with colleagues); to improve personal relationships; to make the climate of the team environment (business), to improve negotiating skills both at home and at work.

The skills that graduates will receive in the course are constructive communication, the ability to give feedback, active listening, the ability to clarify questions, as well as the regulation of emotions.

This course is suitable for people aged 21-45 who have a professional and personal need to learn the skills of constructive and effective communication with others. It is a useful school for those who appreciate the opportunity not to waste time on offline meetings.

The author of the course is Olaf HAUER, co-founder and managing partner of iNTG, licensed trainer of the BMW and DISC International Training Academy, BMW International Master Coach (2005 - 2009), Berufsverband licensed coach, Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen e.V. (BDP), visiting professor of SPbPU, affiliated coach of top management of PAO Vympelcom.

You can enroll in the course here.

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