Expert Community Appreciates the Experience of the Polytechnic University in the Sphere of Introducing BIM-technologies

13 October 2015 Education 547

The representatives of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University took part in the main annual event in the sphere of computer programming, machine building, architecture and construction, namely Autodesk University Russia 2015. The international conference took place in Moscow from 7th to 13th October.

Expert Community Appreciates the Experience of the Polytechnic University in the Sphere of Introducing BIM-technologies

“Executives’ Day” was the start of the event, its participants being members of BIM-Leaders Club established by the Autodesk Company (BIM – Building Information Modeling is the process of creating and managing information concerning an object during the whole lifecycle of a structure under construction. – Editor’s note), key clients of Autodesk in Russia, and the leading foreign experts. The topic of the first day were the current IT decisions in the sphere of architecture, construction and industrial design which can help companies to become more efficient, increase their profits and enter new markets.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University was represented by Yulia Zolotova, supervisor of an on-line course “Designing Buildings. BIM” run by the Institute of Civil Engineering on the National Portal of Open Education, and Evgeniya Tuchkevich from the Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Director of the Research Center “Autodesk Polytechnic”, head of the Autodesk Developer Network (AND) Program set up last year at the Polytechnic University.

Expert Community Appreciates the Experience of the Polytechnic University in the Sphere of Introducing BIM-technologies

It is not by chance that the two Institutes have joined their efforts. The construction industry is developing fast, which requires quick and efficient decision-making and getting top-quality results, and all that is not possible without IT modeling. “The numerous advantages of BIM make it clear that the traditional 2D technology of technical drawing will never prevail again. This is the reason why it is our policy to familiarize our students with the BIM principles starting from their very first year at the University. We have chosen several programs among which Autodesk Revit is the leading one. We are happy to announce that on 15th October a free open course “Designing Buildings. BIM” for everyone interested starts on the National Platform of Open Education ( – Editor’s note). The course was created by the lecturers of the Institute of Civil Engineering, as well as BIM-leaders in the construction industry”, commented Evgeniya Tuchkevich.

Optimization of modeling tasks and creation of effective tools for the interaction between the participants of the project are impossible without involving programmers. It is them who develop revolutionary customized solutions using the open API of the program platforms Autodesk. “Such solutions help to increase labor productivity”, continues Evgeniya Tuchkevich. “Starting the AND program at the Polytechnic University enables us to prepare specialists in the sphere of programming for the BIM industry. Obviously, the prospects of BIM development are closely connected with big data technologies. Now, owing to the fact that a powerful Supercomputer Center has been opened at the University, all this has become possible”.

The address of Pyotr Manin, Director of the BIM Department at Werfau Medical Engineering, a company specializing in designing healthcare establishments, served as an impulse to develop interdisciplinary ties between the students of the Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) and the Institute of Computer Science and Technology. At present BIM technologies are being introduced and a new sphere is being developed at Werfau Medical Engineering, namely functional design and programming of healthcare institutions. Pyotr Manin together with his colleague Aleksandr Popov, a BIM coordinator for Werfau, has launched a series of lectures for the students of ICE aimed at teaching them to program project tasks.

The second day of Autodesk University Russia “Day for Technical Specialists” was online broadcasting in five sections at the same time. Recordings are available here: The final stage of the conference “AU Russia: Regional Day” is held in various cities in Russia and CIS simultaneously. It is aimed at business executives, as well as technical specialists in the field of construction and machine building.

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