Foreign graduates told how they studied at Polytech and gave advice to future students

10 August 2021 Education 101

Among the advantages of Polytechnic University, which foreign students and alumni often highlight, you can often hear about the all-around comprehensive training. First, you can learn the Russian language, then you can apply for a Bachelor’s degree, and afterward, you can continue your studies for a Master’s degree and, possibly, for postgraduate studies. All this is possible within the walls of one university, which becomes more than just a university. Recently, we spoke with foreign graduates of SPbPU from Angola, Cameroon, and Uganda. Diato Clara Lelo Muanda, Atonfack D. Etienne Gaëtan, and Tonny Mayambala shared their impressions of studying in different Polytechnic programs and also advised future SPbPU students.

Diato Clara Lelo Muanda, a graduate of SPbPU from Angola

“I came to St. Petersburg from Angola. I chose Polytechnic University because it is one of the best universities in the world. I studied here for seven years - at first, I studied Russian in the pre-university preparation program, then I went to the Institute of Machinery, Materials, and Transport, first at the Bachelor’s degree program and then at the Master’s degree program ‘Design and technological support of machine-building production.’ All training was in Russian; my favorite subject was physics. Also, I liked laboratory work, where we got a good practical experience. I have a very good impression of the teachers: they help students, explain when something is not clear and don’t spare any time. In the future, I plan to continue training in postgraduate school.I wish all new students strength and courage. Despite any difficulties, the main thing is not to give up!” Diato Clara Lelo Muanda, SPbPU graduate from Angola.

Atonfack D. Etienne Gaëtan, a graduate of SPbPU from Cameroon

“I chose Polytechnic University because when I was still in school I wanted to become an engineer. Of course, in my first year in Russia, it was difficult, I didn’t understand Russian well enough. I studied at the Institute of Machinery, Materials, and Transport, studying technical engineering. One of my favorite subjects was engineering graphics; besides, I enjoyed spending time in the computer classes, which are very well equipped at Polytechnic University. Also, we had internships and worked on machines, I liked it a lot. To the guys who come here, I want to say: if you want to become an engineer, Polytechnic University is the best option for you! There is everything here, and good opportunities for practice!” Atonfack D. Etienne Gaëtan, SPbPU graduate from Cameroon.

Sebbaggala Tonny Mayambala, a graduate of SPbPU from Uganda

“I wanted to study mechanical engineering, and I was looking for a well-known university in this field. Polytechnic University turned out to be one of the most prestigious universities in this area. My studies lasted for seven years: first, in a pre-university program, where I studied Russian, then I entered the Bachelor's degree program in Mechanical Engineering at the Institute of Machinery, Materials, and Transport. After I finished my Bachelor's degree program, I went for my Master’s Degree program. This time I opted for the Institute of Industrial Management Economics and Trade. I studied digital economics, all my favorite subjects are connected with it: econometrics, macroeconomics, banking. I plan to go to graduate school, where I plan to study my specialization more deeply. St. Petersburg is a beautiful city, and our university campus is also very beautiful. I like to walk in the park of Polytechnic University, also there is a good sports complex here, which I often visited. There are many interesting places in St. Petersburg. In summer you can go to the Gulf of Finland, and in winter you can go ice skating or snowboarding. To all future students I wish, firstly, a successful admission, and secondly, never give up: everything will be fine!” Tonny Mayambala, a foreign graduate of SPbPU from Uganda.

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office 

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