Foreign professors choose Polytechnic University

28 June 2024 Education 222

In mid-June, a meeting of the Competitive Personnel Commission for the selection of foreign professors to be hired as scientific and pedagogical staff at SPbPU was held. Despite the difficult international situation, there are no fewer foreign professors willing to work at Polytechnic University. This year, as before, they will work in all institutes of SPbPU. These are mostly highly qualified specialists from friendly countries.

For example, Professors Priti Rawat and Mukesh Kumar Barua from India will teach English-language programs at IIME&T. The courses «Economics of Asia-Pacific Countries» and «Corporate Governance in Asia-Pacific Countries» will be taught by Associate Professor and entrepreneur Wang Bin from China. Professor Mariam Voskanyan and Associate Professor Mariam Momjyan from Armenia, Associate Professors Artyom Efremov and Olga Lavrova from Belarus will also work at the Institute.

Professor Mariam Voskanyan

At the Institute of Energy, the courses «Physics of Nuclear Reactors» and «Thermal Hydraulics of Nuclear Reactors» in English will be taught by Associate Professor Sadeghi Khashayar from Iran, and the courses «Kinetics of Nuclear Reactors» and «Steam Generators of NPPs» will be taught by Associate Professor Ghazaei Seyed Hadi from the same country.

Professors A. Sargsyan, V. Avetisyan, P. Avetisyan, and E. Ghazaryan from Armenia, Professor A. G. Smirnov from Belarus, and Professor I. R. Bekbulatov from Uzbekistan will work at the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications.

Associate Professor Sadeghi Khashayar

Professor A. A. Simonyan from Armenia and Professor Sh. K. Zharkynbekova from Kazakhstan will teach at the University of Humanities.

The Priority-2030 program seeks and attracts talented young scientific and pedagogical workers up to 39 years of age from foreign countries. Their number at SPbPU has increased 3.5 times in five years. The University pays great attention to creating a favorable environment for attracting talented foreign graduates of postgraduate studies and senior postgraduate students to scientific and pedagogical activities, stimulating their professional growth in the scientific field. Graduates of Polytechnic University’s graduate school and postgraduate students this year also work in all institutes of the University.

Associate Professor Ghazaei Seyed Hadi
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