International students enter Polytechnic University: interim results

18 July 2018 Education 813

The admission campaign for recruitment of foreign citizens to SPbPU for the 2018/2019 academic year is in full spate: as of today, employees of the Department of International Education have already accepted and processed more than 2,500 applications from young people from various countries of the world interested in studying at our university.

International students enter Polytechnic University: interim results

Traditionally, applicants from the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine), Africa (Egypt, Cameroon, Algeria), and Asia (China, India, Iran, Syria) show a great interest in the educational programs of Polytechnic University. The flow of future students from Turkmenistan, Turkey and Pakistan has significantly increased. In addition, this year, young people from such far-away countries as Honduras, Australia and the U.S. have applied for studying at SPbPU.

“Employees of the international services and institutes of Polytechnic University keep working non-stop on attracting talented foreign entrants to the university. On regular basis, our representatives take part in all major educational exhibits; we actively cooperate with recruiting companies, and develop our collaboration with new organizations and universities. Besides this, we have this year launched a series of webinars dedicated to our educational programs and implemented a broad-scale advertising campaign in international social networks,” commented the Director of the Department of International Education Ye.V. SATALKINA.

Today, Bachelor’s degree programs are of the utmost interest: more than 460 foreign applicants want to study in 55 educational programs. Traditionally, such areas of study as electric power engineering, information technology, civil engineering, economics, management, and linguistics are at the top of applicants’ demand.

Nearly 300 people applied for the Master’s degree programs. Polytechnic University’s international educational programs taught in English are much sought after. This year, the university received more than 130 applications from foreign citizens; of those, 95 were for the Master’s degree English language programs. And, lastly, 30 foreign citizens expressed their interest in the enrollment to SPbPU postgraduate study programs.

University foundation programs are also quite popular among foreign applicants: this year, the Department employees have processed more than 400 applications.

The first stage of entrance tests for foreign citizens ended in June. The second wave will take place in August; this means that all interested candidates still have time to apply. The admission campaign for foreign citizen enrollment to SPbPU for the 2018/2019 academic year will last till September 10, 2018. You can read more about it in the relevant section of the official SPbPU website.

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