Institute of Civil Engineering – build your future today!

8 February 2017 Education 1535

Institute of Civil Engineering of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University can trace its history back to 1907.

Institute of Civil Engineering – build your future today

After the Second World War the country was short of cheap energy which gave rise to hydro power plants construction. It was at that time that the faculty was renamed the Faculty of Hydrotechnical Engineering that offered a wide range of courses, among which were hydraulics ad fluids, soil mechanics, civil construction, and others.

The civil construction boom which marked the turn of the century caused a demand for specialists in environmental engineering, municipal construction, water resource management and real estate. Thus, the time was ripe for the rebirth of the Institute of Civil Engineering. “We educate the engineering elite”, - claims Director of the institute Mr. N. Vatin, - “Our graduates get executive and management positions in construction companies”.

 Institute of Civil Engineering – build your future today

o ensure the best of training in the field, students exercise their professional skills already within their freshman year. They visit construction sites and go on field trips to manufacturing plants, given the fact that among our partners are such leading companies as “LSR group”, the Federal Road Agency, “TechnoNICOL”, “Saint Goben”, and others. The Institute’s executives are certain that the more practice students have during the course, the more competence they gain, and competence is an advantage in the construction labor market.

Last autumn the International Scientific conference SPbWOSCE-2016 “Smart City” was held in St. Petersburg as a part of “Polytechnic week” forum. All the presentations at the conference dedicated to the modern urban infrastructure with the use of up-to-date technology were delivered in English. “It enabled authors from various countries to participate, enhance the quality of publications and uphold the prestige of the university”, - pointed out Mr. N. Vatin.

Institute of Civil Engineering – build your future today

But what matters the most is not the way you are educated, but the person who educates. Among the employees of the Institute of Civil Engineering are specialists who are the members of the board of technical committees for standardization or are in charge of creating the manuals at the request of the Construction Committee of St. Petersburg, and above all are engaged in research work. The Institute’s employees developed a new advanced method to define frost resistance of materials; they also modified the wooden material used on power transmission line towers, columns, and bridges. The protective covering “EpoxiPAN”, invented by the professor A. Ponomarev and the post-graduate student A. Rassokhin, is meant to improve the properties of wood. It was awarded a gold medal of the National Research Council of Thialand at the International Innovation Fair which took place in Seoul. One of the latest achievements of the professor and his student was the creation of the new concrete reinforcement system, which increased durability of the material by a half at least.

РInstitute of Civil Engineering – build your future today

Highly professional teachers, practice-based studies, extensive possibilities for research activities along with training abroad and double-degree options allow going head to head with the best engineering schools around the world and even outshine them in certain cases.

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