Rector A.I. Rudskoy Gave Account How Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100 Affects SPbPU

10 December 2015 Education 864

Today, on December 9, in the press-center of the information agency “Interfax – North-West” a press-conference was held on the subject of: “Competitiveness of St. Petersburg universities: execution of Project 5-100”, in which Rector of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, A.I. Rudskoy took part. Apart from Andrey Ivanovich, Chairman of the Board of St. Petersburg Universities’ Rectors, Rector of Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics, V.N. Vasiliev and Rector of St. Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" named after V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin), V.M. Kutuzov were invited to participate in the conference.

At the meeting with journalists, V.N. Vasiliev spoke about the history of Project 5-100, gave statistics about its implementation and pointed out new participants – six universities which joined the Project in 2015. According to Vladimir Nikolayevich, the Project is aimed at strengthening the competitive positions of a group of leading universities of Russia in the international market of educational services and research programs. A lot of emphasis was placed on the fact that the Project is being carried out on a global scale.

Rector of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, A.I. RUDSKOY stressed how Project 5-100 affected the university: “The Project has fully changed the view of the university teaching staff and administration about the role of the Polytechnic University in the system of global tertiary education. It has changed the corporate culture of our university and allowed understanding what we should become when entering the global educational space in 5-10 years.”

According to Andrey Ivanovich, Project 5-100 is an innovative decision, which helped to change the format of the university. Over two years the structure of the university has been fully changed: 23 Faculties have been transformed into 11 Institutes and a number of small and duplicated departments were closed so as to avoid overlapping majors. Project 5-100 created an assessment paradigm of universities in terms of directions of research, corroboration with higher educational institutions all over the world, partnership with advanced enterprises and many other things. “Russian universities must be outstanding both in terms of structure and, what is most important, in terms of quality”, emphasized A.I. RUDSKOY.

Проект 5-100 создал парадигму оценки вузов по направлениям осуществления научно-исследовательских разработок, сотрудничества с высшими учебными заведениями стран всего мира, партнерства с передовыми предприятиями и многого другого. «Российские вузы должны быть по структуре, а самое главное – по качеству, действительно выдающимися», – подчеркнул А.И. РУДСКОЙ.

Project 5-100 allowed creating a state-of-the-art scientific research base and infrastructure in the Polytechnic University. The Rector made an example of the “Center of Computer Engineering”, which was recognized as the best engineering center of Russia in 2015. The Center of Computer Engineering is involved in a wide range of projects for Russian and foreign enterprises, such as BMW, Boeing, Airbus and many others. Today the Center is one of the head co-executers of the state project “Cortege”, which implies designing and making a whole line of Russian corporate cars for top public officials of our country.

“According to Robert Kennedy, a great country is the country which has space development, nuclear weapons and a presidential car. We already have the first two constituents and the Polytechnic University takes a very active role in implementing the third one – making a presidential car”, said Andrey Ivanovich. Answering the question about the difficulties related to Project 5-100, A.I. Rudskoy mentioned the problem of law inconsistency, namely the problem related to recognizing foreign degrees in Russia and vice versa. In the Rector’s opinion, “we must become full-fledged members of the European and world community, keeping at the same time customs and traditions of Russia, its cultural and historical heritage”.

На вопрос о возникающих сложностях в рамках реализации Проекта 5-100 А.И. Рудской в первую очередь отметил проблему несогласованности законов, а именно – проблему признания зарубежных дипломов в России и наоборот. Государство и высшие учебные заведения должны совместно двигаться вперед. По мнению ректора, «мы должны стать равноправными членами европейского и мирового сообщества с сохранением уникальности и традиций России, ее культурных и исторических богатств».

During the press-conference, the Rectors of the leading St. Petersburg universities discussed with the journalists the issues concerning publication activity of the Russian universities, which are directly related to the Russian education history, informed the reporters about the credit and module educational system which is being adopted by the leading universities of the country, spoke about on-line training and many other things.

Rector A.I. Rudskoy was asked a number of questions, one of which was about the efforts the university is making to consolidate the research and engineering potential of the university. Andrey Ivanovich reported about the Institute of Advanced Production Technologies (IAPT), which has been set up on the basis of the Polytechnic University and is aimed to be an experimental platform for developing and introducing technologies in the field of education, scientific research, international cooperation and management structure. “The Institute of Advanced Production Technologies is a center of interaction between the existing institutes of the university. It has been established to prevent the university’s divisions from stealing intelligence from each other, and to help them corroborate and assist each other in introducing the best practices of each institute into the very structure of the Polytechnic University”, summarized the Rector.

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