SPbPU AES Master's degree students attended a summer school at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

19 September 2023 Education 256

From July 18 to August 15, the PolyU 2023 International Summer School was held in Hong Kong, where students of the Advanced Engineering School «Digital Engineering» of SPbPU participated. Together with other students from around the world, they had the opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn new disciplines and attend cultural events.

SPbPU AES master's degree students attended a summer school at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The international summer school was held in full-time mode. Almost three hundred representatives of China, Argentina, Hungary, Great Britain, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany and other countries studied at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for a month. Four students from Russia were trained: three students SPbPU’s AES Digital Engineering program, Anna Rovbo, Ivan Karpov, studying in the «Organization and management of digital knowledge-intensive industries» program, and Nikita Kolesov, a master’s degree student in the «Management processes of knowledge-intensive industries» program, and a student from Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Three students of the Digital Engineering AES SPbPU took part in the training

SPbPU Master’s degree students attended 13 lectures, each of them included theoretical and practical parts. In addition, students accomplished two tasks: writing a term paper on one of the studied topics and preparing a public defense of a group presentation.

Cultural activities and Buddy Program (a program that helps foreigners get accustomed to a new environment) were an integral part of the summer school. The polytechnics learned about the history and peculiarities of the city of Tsuen, Tai Po Wan Island, got acquainted with the activities of the Engineering Faculty Laboratory, where they are engaged in mechanical testing and developments in the field of high-entropy alloys and mechanical testing. The guys also attended master classes on making Siu Mai Chinese appetizers and Egg Puff dessert, on creating neon signs, watched a traditional tea ceremony and learned the basics of calligraphy.

The organizers also arranged several orientation activities

Master’s degree students shared their impressions.

Anna Rovbo: Immersion in a different environment allows you to rethink some values and prioritize them. I advise all students to look for opportunities for personal and professional development not only in their home university, but also outside of it.

Nikita Kolesov: At the end of my studies I got a ‘good’ grade. In my opinion, this is an excellent result, considering the fact that the classes were conducted entirely in English. It was an unforgettable experience.

Ivan Karpov: I gained invaluable knowledge on the subjects I studied and international experience, networking with guys from different countries. It was not easy, but still the trip to one of the most developed cities in the world was worth it.

Through international practices and internships such as the summer school in Hong Kong, it is possible to broaden horizons, gain new knowledge and acquaintances, and form international scientific cooperation. Such opportunities for students also promote the Advanced School internationally, showing the high potential of domestic education. Importantly, it motivates students to study for ‘excellent’ and enroll in the Advanced School of Engineering, said Sergey Ermakov, Director of the Severstal-Politech Research and Education Center of SPbPU, Head of the Educational Program «Organization and Management of Digital Knowledge-intensive Productions».

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