SPbPU at the Third Summit of ATURC (Association of Technical Universities of Russia and China)

1 June 2016 Education 795

Development of partnership relations with science, research and education centers of the Asia-Pacific Region, i.e. the People's Republic of China, is a priority not only for Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, but for Russia as a whole. Five years ago, in March 2011, in order to improve Chinese and Russian higher education and to strengthen the innovation potential, Russia and China established the Association of Technical Universities (ATURC) which now accounts for 50 technical universities of Russia and China, including the Polytechnic University.

SPbPU at the Third Summit of ATURC

On May, 24-26, Qingdao city (China) hosted the Third ATURC Summit and the Aoshan Forum for Eurasia on Science and Technology. The events in Qingdao were visited by SPbPU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Elena M. RAZINKINA.

One of the Association's goals is to unite efforts of elitist technical universities in Russia and China to prepare and to train highly qualified specialists for innovation economy, therefore at the Summit the Association presented five-year results and achievements of universities - ATURC members.

SPbPU at the Third Summit of ATURC

The participants of the Summit, amounting to 200 ones from science and technology circles of the two states, made a decision to enhance cooperation between universities of Russia and China in the field of technology transfer, the launch of science and technology achievements into production to implement the Belt and Road initiative and to contribute to the development of cooperation in science and technology in Eurasia.

The outcome of the Third ATURC Summit and the Aoshan Forum for Eurasia on Science and Technology was the declaration which is the statement of obligations for Eurasian states to coordinate and to promote humanitarian cooperation, scientific and technological innovations. In addition, the participants took an official decision to set up the Aoshan Forum for Eurasia on Science and Technology, which is due to be held in ATURC headquarters based in the Science Park of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Qingdao.

The Science Park of HIT is one of the key objects built for high-tech renovation of Qingdao city within the "One Belt, One Road" and "Peninsula Blue Economic Zone" initiatives. 2013 marked the foundation of the Science Park, with ATURC location in Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley.

Qingdao People's Government and ATURC signed the Qingdao Declaration, according to which HIT and universities - ATURC members were expected to unite their merits in the field of research, international scientific and technological resources, innovative production etc.

SPbPU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Elena M. RAZINKINA elaborated on plans to open ATURC headquarters with further locating offices of universities - ATURC members, setting up the joint Russian - Chinese High-tech Research Laboratory, ATURC Child and Youth Center and other infrastructure objects. "All the above-mentioned will help expand science and research innovation cooperation with North-East, South - East and West Asia", - concluded Elena M. RAZINKINA.

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