There is no life beyond studies – Polytech is welcoming exchange students for the spring semester 2017!

9 February 2017 Education 1329

On February 6, students of SPbPU and other Russian universities resumed their classes.

Polytech is welcoming exchange students for the spring semester

The results of the winter semester and expectations for the spring one were revealed by the Center of Academic Planning of SPbPU: “There is no summary of examination results yet. But what we have witnessed so far enables us to claim that teachers have done their best to ensure student success at the exams”.

International students of SPbPU have also embarked on the second semester. The university is expecting 60 more exchange students and free-movers to come from different parts of the world – Europe, Brazil, Vietnam, China, Colombia, and the U.S.A. “The university’s international activity is aimed at the development and support of the academic mobility programs, because they are the source of international experience and communication for students, as well as an opportunity to improve language skills, while the university benefits from the global partnership”, - says Vice-rector for International Relations Mr. D. Arseniev. It should be highlighted there is a growing interest towards our university from the part of international students.

Polytech is welcoming exchange students for the spring semester

On their first acquaintance with the university the exchange students got to know the campus, the infrastructure, and the curriculum. The staff of the International Relations Department was anxious to know their expectations of the exchange semester in Polytech.

For Isabel Mues from the Hamburg University of Technology (Germany) it is the first visit to Russia and the first international exchange experience. “My objective was to improve my English and start learning Russian”, - confided Isabel, - “I am doing a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and I was curious about the way this discipline is taught here. I loved St. Petersburg, despite the cold, I have had a chance to visit the Hermitage and Peter and Paul Fortress. I hope the opportunity comes up for me to see Moscow while I am here, it’s a beautiful city”.

Antonio Delgado from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) also came to SPbPU to improve his language skills. “I really liked it here, liked the university and the country. I hope I make the most of my five months stay”, - he said.

Back home in the U.S.A. William Emken attends Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been studying Russian for two years now and, like other students, is seeking to excel at the language: “I think, the best way to study a country’s language is to go to the country. That’s why I am here. I like Russia, I am planning to visit Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. My Institute is a partner of Polytech, so it didn’t take long to choose from the exchange options”.

For international students the semester will break up at the end of June, Russian students will go on vacation a month earlier. Up until then their lives will be revolving around studies and eventful campus life. Each student, teacher or staff member of Polytech will have an activity that appeals to them, as long as they want to find it! Let us wish them the best of luck in their studies and social activities, creativity and inspiration.

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