BRI 2023: SPbPU participated in a large-scale forum in China

31 October 2023 International activities 313

On October 20-24, the cities of Hangzhou, Ningbo and Xuzhou (PRC) hosted the BRI 2023 Forum: Cooperation of Industrial Clusters in China, Central Asia and Russia. This forum is dedicated to the «One Belt, One Road» initiative and was organized by Peter the Great SPbPU’s strategic partner — Zhejiang University, Private Economy Research Center, whose vice-director is Professor Wang Zhikai. The partners were also Jiangsu Normal University and the Research Office of Xuzhou Municipal Government.

Polytechnic participated in a large-scale forum in China

The BRI 2023 Forum was successfully attended by a delegation from SPbPU. Tatyana Kudryavtseva, Chief Academic Secretary of the Scientific and Certification Commission, Professor of the Higher School of Engineering and Economics, Ph.D., brilliantly acted as a key speaker at the opening of the forum with a presentation on «Cluster industrial policy and tools in a transition economy: the example of Russia». Tatyana’s presentation aroused great interest among the forum participants, including representatives of universities from China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan.

Tatyana Kudryavtseva

No less spectacular was the presentation of Angi Skhvediani, Deputy Director of the Higher School of Engineering and Economics for Research, Head of the Bachelor’s Degree Program «Applied Data Analysis in Economics» and Master’s Degree Program «Big Data Analysis and Modeling in Economics», Ph.D. in Economics, with the report «Modeling Regional Specialization: the Impact of Agglomeration Economy on Labor Productivity». In his speech, Angi Skhvediani continued the discussion on the importance of agglomeration externalities and their contribution to innovation and economic development of regions.

Angi Shvediani

Chinese partners were interested in the presentation by Irina Rudskaya, Doctor of Economics, Director of the Gazprom Neft Scientific and Educational Center for Information Technologies and Business Analysis, Professor of the Higher School of Engineering and Economics. Irina made an excellent presentation on the international strategic priorities of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The presentation aroused great interest among the forum participants: both among respected scientists and young researchers and students.

Irina Rudskaya

The final report of the SPbPU delegation was delivered by, Chief Specialist of the Center for Scientific Certification, Associate Professor of the Higher School of Engineering and Economics Anastasia Kulachinskaya, Ph.D. in Economics. The topic of her speech was «Cross-border cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises: mechanisms, problems and solutions». Anastasia Kulachinskaya touched upon the topic, undoubtedly relevant for neighboring Russia and China, which found an immediate positive response from foreign colleagues.

The event was held in a professional, productive and friendly atmosphere, and the participation of our delegation in the forum was bright and memorable. We can confidently say that this is the beginning of a long and promising cooperation and partnership!

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