This Year Collaboration between SPbPU and Aalto University Is Going to Expand

24 February 2016 International activities 673

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University cooperates with many Finnish universities. Development of relationships with Finland’s universities is a top priority for educational policy of SPbPU. Among important partners of the Polytechnic University in Finland one should specifically note Aalto University, which is one of the centers of European technical and business education.

This Year Collaboration between SPbPU and Aalto University Is Going to Expand

Employees of the Office of International Educational Projects, SPbPU confirm that our students are interested in taking part in various projects of Aalto University, joint research and academic mobility programs. An obvious advantage of the Finnish university is constant meeting of the leading international standards and requirements.

The modern stage of collaboration between SPbPU and Aalto University is participation in TEMPUS project, dedicated to elaborating a double degree program in Digital Arts. The project has been implemented since 2013 in the Institute of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport in the department “Engineering Graphics and Design” and is coordinated by the Office of International Educational Projects.

This Year Collaboration between SPbPU and Aalto University Is Going to Expand

The major purpose of the project is creation of a Master’s program in Digital Arts and Graphic Design, retraining of Russian universities’ teaching staff. The organizers of the project are intended to develop an international hybrid educational space based on modern technologies, to work out quality assurance mechanisms for educational programs in Computer Design, to distribute the experience acquired in the project in Russian universities.

The leading majors of Aalto University are computation and modeling, research in the field of materials, design, information and communication technology and media. The Finnish university offers more than 60 Master’s program in the field of art, design and architecture, business and technology.

The Russian and Finnish colleagues point out that education in computer design is very popular among students from many countries. Its relevancy and importance are preconditioned by the dynamic information development, need for introduction of such practices in today’s higher educational institutions. A serious step for the shift from the theory to practical implementation of the cooperation plans has become an idea about a joint Summer School, which is planned to be held in Vyborg in summer 2016.

One of the main themes of the International Summer School in Vyborg is to review various opportunities for keeping cultural heritage, organization of effective communication dialogue and application of elements of computer graphics and graphic design in these areas. A good example of history reconstruction is a computer reconstruction of the past. Thus, the visitors of the museums will be able to see ancient items lost in different periods of time.

It was for a reason why Vyborg has been chosen as a possible venue. An interesting and unusual history of the city is a worthy response of time, care for the ancestors’ heritage and cautious relation to the present. Today it is known that classes of the Summer School will be given in legendary Vyborg Castle, where will be organized interesting discussions, workshops and seminars with participation of leading professors and experts.

The organizers preliminary inform that there will be no more than 20 students in the school (2-3 people from each university). It is also planned to attract a number of Finland’s universities for cooperation (Lappeenranta University of Technology, The University of Joensuu, etc.).

The Office of International Educational Projects, SPbPU expresses confidence that the project of the joint Summer School will help to consolidate the relationships between Aalto University and the Polytechnic University and will be a new stage in fruitful and long-term cooperation.

We will keep you updated concerning this project. Follow the information on the web-site of SPbPU.

For reference:

Aalto University is a state university of Finland, which is merger of the leading universities of the country since 2010: the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Having united engineers, entrepreneurs and designers, the Finns have obtained an exemplary model of Scandinavian education. The university filled with the spirit of innovations since it was set up has become a platform for cutting-edge research and excellent education. There are 6 faculties (schools) with more than 19,000 students. By the number of students, Aalto University takes the third place in the country. The university’s staff includes more than 5,000 employees.

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