Cooperation between SPbPU and Sharif University of Technology

19 June 2018 International activities 643

Development of cooperation between SPbPU and Sharif University of Technology (SUT, Iran) is carried out in an atmosphere of mutual interest. For today the universities have 38 joint publications in the field of energy and nuclear physics; academic staff of both universities share experience on the regular basis and Iranian students actively participate in the International Polytechnic Summer School – in 2017 24 SUT students took part and in 2018 the number doubled.

Cooperation between SPbPU and Sharif University of Technology

On June 18, 2018, the Head of the International Office Professor Mohammad M. NAYEBI from the Electrical Engineering Department visited SPbSU in order to discuss the issues of academic mobility of students and faculty and research fields of mutual interest. Negotiations took place in the International Resource Center of SPbPU International Office. On behalf of SPbPU the honored guest was welcomed by the Head of SPbPU International Office Vladimir KHIZHNYAK and International Office staff as well as the representatives of the institutes.

"Recently, a Sharif University of Technology delegation visited SPbPU and made a number of visits to our laboratories and institutes. We are very pleased that our specialists have found common points of contact in energy technologies and other fields of science and technology, and we hope that today's meeting will help us to intensify cooperation in terms of academic mobility of students and faculty, as well as participation in joint project activities," said Vladimir KHIZHNYAK.

In turn, the head of SUT International Office, Professor Mohammad M. NAYEBI, thanked SPbPU representatives for the warm welcome. "It is a pleasure that our dialogue is developing. We are ready for cooperation and express great hope for efficient and effective collaboration between our universities," he emphasized.

One of the key moments of negotiations was the discussion of joint participation in grants: it is known that the Government of Iran regularly implements grant programs to finance research jointly with Russian funds. Professor NAYEBI stressed the fact that Sharif University of Technology is most interested in participating in joint projects with SPbPU in the field of chemistry, physics and materials science. It is expected that in July 2018 the next joint program for financing research projects will be announced. The amount of the grant is 100 thousand dollars and the implementation time of joint projects is three years.

In the field of academic exchanges the issues of faculty mobility were discussed. The Iranian colleague asked to inform SPbPU faculty about Sharif University of Technology invitation to deliver courses at SUT, including short-term ones. The invitation includes covering travel and accommodation costs and payment for teaching at the Iranian university. Such visits are a good way to establish contacts with colleagues for further cooperation. Professor NAYEBI expressed the assumption that Russian scientists have a prejudice that in Iranian universities research is not at a very high level. "This is far not so. Being one of the leading universities in Iran, we cooperate with the most famous universities and research centers of the West. Also, we would like to cooperate more with our Russian colleagues," he emphasized.

Participants in the meeting specifically discussed postgraduate programs. Professor NAYEBI noted that SUT provides financial support to graduate students during their internships abroad, and also expressed readiness to send students to study at SPbPU and invited postgraduates from the Polytechnic University to participate in short-term programs at SUT in order to share experience and master new competencies in the field of nanotechnology, biotechnology and energy.

Professor NAYEBI also noted the considerable interest of the Iranian side in the Master degree programs of SPbPU taught in English. Currently, 14 students from Iran are enrolled on Master degree program at SPbPU, and 5 students on postgraduate programs.

Professor NAYEBI got acquainted with the main international Master degree programs and assured that he would inform the Iranian students and colleagues about everything that was discussed at the meeting, as well as organize activities for the implementation of the planned cooperation.

Without any doubt, the topics of the negotiations are a reflection of the current trends in modern science and education. Joint research projects and publications, academic mobility, increasing the number of graduate students and improving the quality of postgraduate and Master degree programs are significant tasks for most countries. And acquiring international experience for future specialists becomes one of the conditions for a successful career start.

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