Enhancing cooperation with the Poznan University of Economics (Poland)

23 November 2015 International activities 800

On November 18, Professor Jacek Luczak, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Commodity Science, Head of the Department of Quality Standard Management of the Poznan University of Economics (Poland) visited SPbPU. V. D. Khizhnyak, Head of International Relations Office; A. V. Kozlov, Head of the Department of World and National Economics of the Institute of Industrial Economics and Management (IIEM); S. S. Antonov, Head of the Department of International Scientific and External Economic Links; and Yu. S. Klochkov, Professor at the Department of Economics and Management of Machine Building, welcomed the foreign guest.

Enhancing cooperation with the Poznan University of Economics Poland

The main point of discussion was the development of international scientific projects for HORIZON 2020 (8th European Union Framework Program for Research and Technological Development - Author's note), joint postgraduate education and professor exchange programs.

The Polytechnic University cooperates with a number of Polish universities, e. g. University of Szczecin, Warsaw University of Technology, Bialystok University of Technology, Czestochowa University of Technology, University of Bialystok, Bialystok School of Economics, WSG University of Economy, Poznan University of Technology, Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Gorzow Wielkopolski), and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. We organize joint conferences and student exchange with these universities.

Enhancing cooperation with the Poznan University of Economics Poland
"The Poznan University of Economics is one of the leading higher education institutions in Poland. My area of expertise is quality standards management. I am sure you would agree that the interdisciplinary approach is indispensable in the various fields of science. After all, everything is connected: economic processes of local and global importance have impact on all areas of our life," Jacek Luczak reported. The Polish professor believes that quality standards are applicable to information security systems as well. Data protection allows for effective and functional activity of the enterprise, which is extremely important in the context of changing conditions of business and its integration in the international environment.

Students of the Poznan University of Economics undergo internships at numerous European universities on regular basis. However, Russia is a priority partner in the field of education and science for Poland. Most Poles are fluent Russian speakers, who know the culture and traditions of our country. "We are interested in academic mobility and postgraduate training programs. Double-degree projects may be implemented in the nearest future," Jacek Luczak added

A. V. Kozlov, Head of the Department of World and National Economics of the IIEM, regularly gives lectures at Polish universities. He pointed out the genuine interest of Polish young people to the opportunity of studying at SPbPU.Yu. S. Klochkov, Professor at the Department of Economics and Management of Machine Building expanded upon his colleague's speech. He talked about the importance of joint programs in postgraduate training. "I know some Polish postgraduates who aim to defend their theses in Russia," Yuriy Sergeyevich explained, "This exchange of experience is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the world's intellectual equipment."

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed on developing a detailed plan of interuniversity cooperation and determining specific goals and objectives. Professor Jacek Luczak thanked the SPbPU staff for the hearty welcome. He rapturized the city of St. Petersburg and expressed hope that students of the Poznan University of Economics would one day be able to see the numerous city landmarks for themselves and become suссessful SPbPU students.

For information:

The Poznan University of Economy (PUE) was founded in 1926. It is one of the oldest universities in Poland. The PUE is an elite Polish economic university famous for its research activity. The PUE's reputation is substantiated by its high positions in various rankings: the university is the best economic university in the Greater Poland Voivodeship (Poznan is its capital city), and ranks among the three best economic universities in Poland. As of this moment, the PUE is the only Polish university that can confer not only bachelor's and master's degrees, but also PhDs.

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