Development of international cooperation with the Belarusian-Russian University

25 April 2024 International activities 236

The delegation of Polytechnic University visited the Belarusian-Russian University. At the invitation of the Rector of BRU M. E. Lustenkov, representatives of the SPbPU ICE, Associate Professor A. N. Chusov and Associate Professor M. V. Romanov, traveled to Mogilev. The main purpose of the visit was to hold a scientific and practical seminar «Green technologies in civil engineering». The seminar was attended by staff and students of the Department of Technosphere Safety and Production Design and Industrial and Civil Engineering of BRU.

Polytechnic Delegation in Mogilev

Noting the relevance of the problems discussed at the seminar and the high scientific significance of the results obtained as a result of cooperation between the working groups of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of BRU and ISI SPbPU in 2022-2023, it was decided to prepare a joint grant application in the field of improving indoor microclimate with the help of apparatus-biological complexes.

In addition to the seminar, a number of important working meetings took place.

Meeting of SPbPU delegation with Belarusian colleagues

From April 8 to April 12, the Belarusian-Russian University hosted a field internship of 2nd year master’s students of the Graduate School of Technosphere Safety of SPbPU, during which they got acquainted with the equipment of the university laboratories, listened to lectures by leading professors, performed chemical analyses of water quality, and conducted radiation monitoring of the university campus.

SPbPU students in practice

Over the years we have established good, dense, working relations in many areas. which are not only scientific or educational in nature, but also related to the development of academic mobility, said Natalia Volologina.

Presentation of certificates

All events were held within the framework of the state assignment «Implementation of a set of measures to improve the efficiency of the Russian-Armenian (Slavic) and Belarusian-Russian Universities».

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