Development of SPbPU Cooperation with Ulm University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

20 June 2016 International activities 1215

In the middle of June, professor from the University Of Applied Sciences of Ulm Susanne Radtke visited Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

During the meeting at the Supply Center for International Activity of SPbPU, there was a discussion on the issues of partner interaction within the academic mobility programs, semester student exchange, participation of German students in Summer Schools of SPbPU, and joint holding of an international design work-shop.

Development of SPbPU Cooperation with Ulm University of Applied Sciences  Germany

The meeting was attended by Director of the North-West Interuniversity Regional Education and Research Center “SPbPU-FESTO “Synergy” V.V. Potekhin, Head of the "Engineering Graphics and Design" department of IMMET V.M. Ivanov, representatives of Polytech's international facilities, and employees of various institutes of SPbPU, who were interested in establishing contacts with the University of Ulm.

Prof. Susanne Radtke talked about major activity areas of scientists from the University of Ulm, opportunities of participation in educational programs of the German university in media design for students of the "Engineering Graphics and Design" department, and presented works of her students. A lot of attention in the University of Ulm is paid to technical training of specialists and cooperation with large industrial companies, which are main employers for students and are also tutors during internships.

In their turn, employees of the leading Russian technical university presented primary international educational programs of SPbPUВ, targeted at international students. Susanne Radtke showed her interest in academic modules, offered by the "Engineering Graphics and Design" department: 3D Design and Digital Fabrication, IDCity: Intensive Educational Course of Local Indentity Designing. She also promised to inform students of Ulm University about prospects of education within the programs of International Summer Polytechnic School.

Development of SPbPU Cooperation with Ulm University of Applied Sciences  Germany

It should be noted that during the Prof. Radtke's visit to the Polytechnic Univeristy, a presentation of the "Digital media" educational program, implemented at Ulm University Of Applied Sciences, was given to the students of the "Engineering Graphics and Design" department.

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