Education at the Polytechnic University is a key to successful tomorrow

21 September 2015 International activities 797
Dung Thi Xuan

This lively girl from Vietnam loves Saint-Petersburg very much. Dung Thi Xuan came to Northern Venice (Saint-Petersburg is often called like this) in order to receive education at the Institute of Computer Science and Technology of the Polytechnic University. To say nothing of knowledge, by her last year the girl has found good friends, she has had an insight into Russian culture and she has learnt to cook borshch (traditional Russian beetroot soup). Her large family love Russia, Russian literature and theatre in particular, which was why they let their daughter study in Saint-Petersburg. Before her departure Xuan’s father told her, “Russia is a reliable friend and helping hand that you can count on”. The girl understood this from her experience here.

- Xuan, please, tell me why you chose to study at the Polytechnic University.

- My family has a high opinion of Russia. And since I was a little girl my father has been telling me about Saint-Petersburg: about its beautiful museums, shadowy parks and many other cultural places of interest. Russia is a friend for us, so my parents had no fear at all when they let me come here. In spite of the fact that my father has never been here, he knows a lot about Saint-Petersburg and I really want him to come and see all this beauty.

Education at the Polytechnic University is a key to successful tomorrow. My job will be connected with computing and technology, and after studying here I will be able to build a successful career back in my home country.

- Do you know who founded our city?

- Practically all Vietnamese schoolchildren know this. It’s Peter the Great! (smiling)

- What are the special features of the Vietnamese system of higher education?

- Higher education institutions in Vietnam offer a wide range of curricula aimed at developing the economy of the country. Each geographical region has its own direction: for instance, the city of Ho Chi Minh specializes in the sphere of science and technology, and if you want to study foreign languages, you need to go to Hanoi. Like in Russia, we have state and private universities.

- Is it easy to find a job right after graduating in your home country? In your opinion, what competitive advantages do the graduates from the Polytechnic University have?

- The quality of education is very important for me. I am sure that the skills and knowledge received at the Polytechnic University will help me climb up the career ladder. A lot of my friends are studying in Europe. This is their informed choice. Actually, multinational companies are actively developing now in Vietnam: top-quality specialists who studied abroad have a new vision concerning the development of our country. And it is great!

Dung Thi Xuan
Вьетнамские студенты СПбПУ

- Is it easy for you to study here? Are you still learning the Russian language?

- I love studying and attending lectures is a tremendous pleasure for me. My tutors helped me a lot while studying various subjects. During classes they are strict mentors and after them they become friendly and kind-hearted interlocutors. I am grateful for their understanding and willingness to help. Look what a beautiful handwriting I have! (showing her copybook) Each word is a certain philosophy and a step towards making my dream come true. Every day I continue studying the Russian language. For example, I read poems by Pushkin, my favorite one is “I remember a wonderful moment…” And we also like singing “Moscow Nights” (“Podmoskovnye Vechera”) together with my compatriots.

- Your future job is connected with computer technologies. Where would you like to work after you graduate?

- I would like to teach IT in a Vietnamese school. My aunt is a Mathematics teacher at school. She told me a lot about communicating with children and presenting the material correctly. So I think I can do it. And I will also be telling my students about the amazing city of Saint-Petersburg.

- Do you miss Vietnam?

- Of course. The love for our land is our eternal wisdom, and Vietnam is my homeland. However, I am really grateful to Russia: for me Saint-Petersburg means my years of study, acquiring knowledge about the world and myself. My friends from Saint-Petersburg have already visited my home. I hope that after I return back, we will still keep in touch.

- What is the most delicious dish you have tasted in Russia?

- I have tried blinis (pancakes), kasha (a type of cereal) and cabbage pirozhki (small pies), but borshch is my favorite of all time! My Russian friends even taught me to cook it. In my turn, I showed them the peculiarities of Vietnamese cuisine, which is based on rice and seafood. Vietnamese people eat rice every single day of their lives. Since a meal in Vietnam is some sort of teamwork, dishes are served in big plates, and guests take their portion with chopsticks.

- Could you tell me more about traditions in your country?

- If we talk about the Vietnamese, we should by all means mention two words: calm and friendly people. Keeping your energy is the basic part of being well-balanced, that is why we do not like making a fuss. The Vietnamese are very superstitious and have certain prejudices. For instance, it is a bad sign if you meet a woman and not a man first thing in the morning. Talking loudly is frowned upon, and mirrors are thought to shun evil spirits.

- Which Russian traditions do you especially like?

- You have a lot of interesting traditions; they are quite similar to the European ones, although there are certain sacraments. I like your holidays, especially the Shrove. It so amusing to sledge, sing and dance in a ring and eat blinis!

- If they offered you a very interesting job in Russia, would you stay?

- Vietnam is waiting for me. I miss it very much and I promised everyone to return back soon.

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