SPbPU alumna Hao Mayfen: "The polytechnic education gives a powerful start to a successful career"

12 March 2018 International activities 1173

The Shanghai Representational Office of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University quite often receives thank-you letters from Chinese prospective students and their parents whom the office staff helped with organizational matters regarding their enrollment and studying at SPbPU, tell about the student life in Russia, and provide young people and their relatives with all sorts of support. The Representational Office gets calls, electronic and even hand-written letters with warm words of gratitude. We have already told the story of Zhao XIAOYUYA at the SPbPU website. And quite recently, a graduate of Polytechnic University Hao Mayfen visited the Representational Office. In 2008, she graduated from the School of Economics and Management (presently, Institute of Industrial Management, Economics, and Trade) and returned to China with the Bachelor's degree. At present, she is working at the leading Asian agricultural corporation producing food products with more than 400 industrial enterprises in the region. Hao came to the Representational Office not only to thank its employees but also to express her readiness to help in communication with Chinese prospective students, employment assistance to graduates, and establishing contacts with business partners.

SPbPU alumna Hao Mayfen The polytechnic education gives a powerful start to a successful career

"We are very pleased to receive such emotional letters from Politech alumnus," Director of the SPbPU Representational Office in Shanghai Mrs. Su JING pointed out. Hao came to us from a different city, and we all are very touched with her desire to help the Representational Office. "Such cases motivate us to work even harder, so that even more Chinese prospective students would get a chance to study at Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg."

In her conversation with the Representational Office staff Hao told why she chose the education in Russia and what role the Polytechnic diploma had played in her life; she spoke about her student life in St. Petersburg and what places in the Northern Capital she would have liked to visit again. Our interview is about this and not only.

– Hao, we are so glad to see you at the Representational Office of Polytechnic University in Shanghai! It has been quite a few years since you completed your Russian education. Please, tell us, what influenced your choice?

– Russia is an unbelievably rich country. Saying this, I have in mind your multifaceted culture and arts in the first place. Russia and China are close neighbors with many tight links between our countries and many directions of mutually beneficial interests. This was exactly why I decided to go to Russia and chose its cultural capital St. Petersburg for my education. Polytechnic University attracted me with the diversity of the fields of study. I was sure that the knowledge acquired there would be applicable in my further work. Yet back then I had been dreaming about working in international trade, and after a while, I have managed to accomplish that. The Polytechnic diploma helped me to find a good job, which only one more time proves that the Polytechnic education provides for a powerful start of a successful career.

– What academic disciplines are the most memorable for you?

– It is important to mention that my education at the university, alike that for many other international students, started with programs of pre-university education where I studied the Russian language. It is hard to overestimate the value of these programs: in addition to active learning and understanding difficult language constructions, students also learn others' experiences, cultures, and living philosophies. Along with me, many students from other countries studied, and thanks to constant inter-cultural communication we could better understand each other.

- In your opinion, was it easy to find common language with other students?

– We had very friendly students in my group. At the first look it might seem that Russian students are frown and incommunicable, but most often, this impression is quite wrong: I have noticed a while ago that people in cold-weather countries smile much less frequently than in southern. As soon as you start communicating, the person reveals from quite an opposite side. This is why I recommend all international students studying in Russia: don't be afraid of communication, be active in learning Russian, and practice your knowledge as much as possible.

SPbPU alumna Hao Mayfen The polytechnic education gives a powerful start to a successful career

– The student life at Polytechnic University is very diverse and embraces all sorts of young people. I very well remember numerous student events: the Golden Fall Festival, at which contestants show their mastership, artistic taste, and originality of performance; the inter-university Festival of Peoples' Friendship displaying cultural traditions of various world countries; the Small Student Olympic Games; the traditional for Russia Maslenitsa festivities, and many other things. I was also deeply impressed by the magnificent concerts at the White Hall of Polytechnic University. The Main Building of the university is a true piece of art! I liked walking around St. Petersburg and admiring its architectural ensembles, parks, and other sightseeing attractions. I am sure: each person visiting St. Petersburg leaves there a piece of one's heart. Your city is wonderful and I would be happy to visit the Northern Capital again.

– Speaking of St. Petersburg, in your opinion, which places of the city are a must for international students to visit?

– For sure, this is the Russian Museum, the Hermitage, and the Mariinsky Theater. Those who came to St. Petersburg in summer time should go to Peterhof to see its unbelievable fountains and palaces. I was also very much impressed with the city of Pushkin: it is located very close to St. Petersburg and is home to the incredibly beautiful Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Reserve, once the countryside residence of Russian tsars.

- Hao, what would you recommend to international students who are going to come to Russia for studying?

– Learn Russian, communicate as much as possible, make new friends, and take active part in the students' life: this is an inextricable part of the educational process! And, of course, do not forget to travel: architecture, culture, and nature of Russia will never leave anybody unmoved!

– Hao, thank you for the interesting interview! We wish you all the success and inspirations in your professional career!

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