The SPbPU key partner celebrates its centennial

5 June 2020 International activities 479

One of the key SPbPU partners in the People’s Republic of China, namely Harbin Polytechnic University, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. The cooperation of our universities is actively developing in several engineering areas, embracing joint research work and educational programs. Based on invitations and scholarship system, students from both universities traditionally participate in summer schools at SPbPU and KhPU. A significant amount of cooperation between our universities gets support within the framework of the ATURC network. These are joint conferences, forums, and student project activities.

On behalf of Polytechnic University, SPbPU rector academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei RUDSKOI sent congratulations to the Chinese partner.

“Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is proud that our universities have come a long way together as friends and partners. As a prominent technical university in Russia, Peter the Great Polytechnic University has always provided assistance and support to colleagues from Harbin Polytechnic University; its students and postgraduate students came to study in our city.

Since 2000, our long-standing friendship has acquired official features, a partnership agreement has been concluded, student exchanges have intensified, and the cooperation of our scientists and teachers has reached a new level. Joint internship programs for teachers from Harbin, masters and graduate students training programs are developing successfully,” Andrei Rudskoi emphasized in his congratulatory remarks. The rector of SPbPU also noted that Harbin Polytechnic University has always been an international university open to the whole world, and today it is a citadel of engineering education in the People’s Republic of China.

Due to the pandemic, the celebration of the 100th anniversary is taking place online. You can follow the events of the celebration following the link. On June 7, several streaming channels will broadcast the celebrations live.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University team joins the congratulations and wishes Harbin Polytechnic University health, well-being and inexhaustible energy for new achievements for the benefit of the university and the People’s Republic of China.

Prepared by SPbPU International Office

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