Heads of foreign consulates and diasporas praised the KAMA-1 electric car

26 December 2020 International activities 104

On December 21, 2020, heads of foreign consulates and diasporas visited the Technopolis Polytechnic Research Building at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University to evaluate the first Russian electric smart crossover KAMA-1, based on digital twin technology.

Heads of foreign consulates and diasporas praised the KAMA-1 electric car

The first presentation of the electric smart crossover KAMA-1 took place on December 10-11, 2020, in Moscow, as part of the opening of the 7th Annual National Exhibition VUZPROMMEXPO-2020.

Rector of SPbPU Andrei RUDKOI, Academician of the RAS, greeted the participants of the presentation, representatives of foreign countries with which Polytechnic University has been conducting joint research for decades: “Today we want to share with you a truly unique development, which our talented engineers led by Alexey BOROVKOV, Head of SPbPU Engineering Center, have implemented in two years - from the technical specification to the pre-production prototype. This product was designed and manufactured on the basis of digital twin technology and science-intensive platform solutions, and it fully demonstrated the new mission and role that higher education institutions should play in the country’s economy: not only to train specialists, not only to perform local scientific research, but also to create complex, sophisticated work. Polytechnic University is one of the leading technical universities in the country, and it is essential that our university also became one of the first in the development of the newest Russian technologies. Electric cars are no longer even the future, but a very real present that meets the requirements of efficiency, environmental friendliness, and preservation of the environment. Only through a high level of digitalization and new approaches to production technologies we can ensure sustainable development for future generations.

Rector of SPbPU Andrei RUDKOI, Academician of the RAS, greeted the participants of the presentation

Alexey BOROVKOV, Vice Rector for Advanced Projects of SPbPU, Head of the Computational Engineering Center (CompMechLab®) of SPbPU, SPbPU NTI Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Center and the world-class Advanced Digital Technologies Research Center presented technical specifications and future plans. “Now every country has only a few years to enter the electric transport market. Russia has two to three years. In just five years, this opportunity will be closed. We, developers, have a rich history of work with global companies - more than 15 years of work with the market leaders in the automotive industry; the last five years we have worked closely with China. This experience allows us to evaluate the market, improve and develop. Approximately in the middle of next year, we will treat everyone with a new model and fill this lineup: from a smart crossover - a compact city car focused on unmanned transport and integration of connected transport, smart city - to a sedan, an SUV, commercial vehicles, as well as an electric bus,” said Alexey BOROVKOV.

Alexey BOROVKOV, Vice-Rector for Advanced Projects at SPbPU presented technical characteristics and future plans

In conclusion, Alexey BOROVKOV spoke about the uniqueness of the Digital Twin Development and Application Platform, as well as the CML-Bench™ computer engineering activity management system, which was used in developing KAMA-1: “I would like to note that ther SPbPU NTI Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Center has no analogues in Russia. The Center is capable of developing digital twins, various models of vehicles, generating, integrating, and synchronizing developments related to electric mobility, including electrics, electronics, and programming on a single platform.”

After the presentation, guests had a chance of a test drive, which allowed them to assess the technical characteristics of the electric car in motion. The participants of the test drive shared their impressions of the unique car.

Ferhan Yorulmaz MEHMET

Consul General

Consulate General of Turkey

“The Polytechnic University’s new electric car is certainly inspiring. Electric cars are not technologies of the future, but already of today. For Turkey, this technology is also important: first Turkish electric cars will be produced in 2023. As we all know, the use of electric cars reduces the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. It is very important to develop these technologies for the future. A few minutes ago I sat behind the wheel of the KAMA-1 and immediately realized that this car suited me just fine! I like compact cars; they are convenient to park in. And it will also be very convenient to listen to music, as the car itself is silent.

MEHMET Ferhan Yorulmaz


Consul General

Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in St. Petersburg

“This is an interesting project, and a very modern one. I guess every country is now thinking about how to make transport in cities environmentally friendlier. Such topics always attract attention and, indeed, it is very interesting to know how the project will develop and whether serial production will be organized. It is very important, because many projects end up in prototypes. Here I would very much hope that KAMA-1 will develop further. The design of the car is very beautiful, modern and, I would say, impetuous. I wish there were more electric car charging stations in the city!



Acting Head of the Trade Department of the Consulate General of Belgium

“My impressions of the new electric car are quite positive. I learned about the appearance of KAMA-1 a few weeks ago from the federal news, we even planned to make a publication about it for our Belgian colleagues. I’m very happy that I was able to come to Polytechnic University and see the new development in person. The developers covered some of the technical details and told us how it was all done. The design is quite interesting; we discussed both the exterior and the interior design. I would like to wish the scientists, students, and employees of Polytechnic University: be who dares! Don't stop looking around. Much has already been done, and I’m sure yet more will be done!”

GUSAKOV Dmitry Anatolievich


Second Secretary of the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in St. Petersburg

“My impressions of the new electric car are only positive. It is a worthy representative of its class; it is moderately compact, ergonomic, very comfortable inside. All parts are made of quality materials; it can be felt from the outside. And after I personally sat down and drove it, I can say that I just fell in love with this car.

NIYAZALIYEV Almaz Ashymovich

Konstantin G. GABAERIDIS

Advisor of the Governor of St. Petersburg on International Relations with the Republic of Greece

“Such initiatives are extremely important for the development of a modern city. I can honestly say that the car is of high quality. I hope KAMA-1 will go into production and I will be very happy if this electric car appears on the markets of Europe.”

GABAERIDIS Konstantin Georgievich

Prepared by the SPbPU NTI Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Center together with the SPbPU International Services

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