Delegation of the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems of SPbPU Visits Tsinghua University

3 February 2016 International activities 806

A delegation from the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems (IETS) of SPbPU (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University) has visited one of the leading universities of the People's Republic of China – Tsinghua University.

Delegation of the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems of SPbPU Visits Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is one of the strategic partners of SPbPU, the co-thinker in many scientific and innovative projects. The teachers of the Chinese university lecture to the students of our university and actively participate in research work. The actions of the Polytechnic University staff, in turn, aim to strengthen the existing contacts with the scientific elite of the PRC.

This time at the meetings with Chinese colleagues the Polytechnic University was represented by the Director of IETS N. A. Zabelin, Dr. of Engineering Science, Professor of the Department of High Voltage Engineering, Electrical Insulation and Cable Technology S. I. Krivosheev, Dr. of Engineering Science, Professor of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering N. V. Korovkin, Dr. of Engineering Science, Assistant Professor of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering A. G. Kalimov.

The main purpose of the visit of the SPbPU leading professors is further development of partnership relations between the two reputable world-class universities, development of new projects and determination of long-term goals of scientific and educational cooperation, affecting the joint successful future.

Delegation of the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems of SPbPU Visits Tsinghua University

It is worth noting that a large number of Chinese students (at the time of the visit – 39 people) studies at the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems. Many educational programs are drawn up taking into account the requirements of the Chinese industrial complex to future graduates and specialists. “We can say with confidence that the education system of the Polytechnic University is highly valued in China.” – said the Vice-Rector for SPbPU International Relations D. G. ARSENYEV.

Tsinghua University representatives have visited the Polytechnic University. During the joint meetings strategic actions plans were developed aimed at innovative achievements, experience and knowledge were shared. “Regular partnership events prove the community of interests and a desire to move in the same direction.” – said the Director of IEiTS N. A. ZABELIN.

Within the working visit framework, the Russian guests visited the Center for High-Speed Rail Technology, School of Electromechanics, School of Aerospace and School of Energy, as well as the Center for Logistics and Business Development.

The Director of the Center for High-Speed Rail Technology Wang Zhiqiang reminded his SPbPU colleagues about his recent visit to the Polytechnic University and announced to them his readiness to start a new stage of negotiations. “Tsinghua University’s experience in building high-speed railways is a combination of the best world practice and achievements.” – noted the representatives of the Chinese University.

The Polytechnic University staff offered to organize online learning seminars and invite undergraduate and graduate students,, teachers and specialists of both universities to participate in them.

The discussion on establishment of service offices at railway stations attracted a lot of interest among all the participants of the discussion. With the help of special services you can get up-to-date and accurate information on a passenger’s trips, help them in resolving many issues arising during travelling. “Such a smart railway station is not a distant future, but a present reality that all people need. We still have something to strive for.” – explained Professor N. A. ZABELIN.

As both parties acknowledged priority directions of the important joint projects are related to construction of the “Moscow-Kazan” high-speed mainline railway and a part of the Silk Railroad linking Beijing and Moscow.

Also during the negotiation the partners and colleagues discussed high-intensity pulsed magnetic fields, creation of heat-recovery steam turbines, impulse transient characteristics of earthing devices, multi-objective optimization of stationary operating modes of power systems, development of gas microturbine generators as part of the gas pipeline construction project the “Power of Siberia”,, logistics matters of scientific activity and many other issues. Tsinghua University students participated in many meetings.

The cultural events for the members of the SPbPU delegation were aimed at learning about the history of Tsinghua University and activities of its famous scientists.

“Tsinghua University staff plays an important role in its life. Personal history of each individual is a special contribution to the development of the university and strengthening of its traditions.” – said Professor S. I. KRIVOSHEEV.

Throughout the visit our delegation was accompanied by Liu Wei, Deputy Director of the School of Strategic Cooperation between Russia and China at Tsinghua University.

“On this way our countries do have much in common, and in the first place comes a concern for future generations’ education and pursuit of striking scientific triumphs.” – said with confidence all members of the SPbPU delegation.

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