International Polytechnic Accelerator: Final Spring Session

6 June 2022 International activities 309

Technopolis Polytech hosted the finals of the spring session of the International Polytechnic Accelerator, which was one of the events of the three-day marathon of Polytechnic technological entrepreneurship. Participants of the Accelerator made presentations on the results of the first block of the program, aimed at assessing international market potential and intellectual property management strategy of their innovation projects. The results of the spring session will allow teams to continue developing projects in partnership with foreign colleagues from China, India, Iran and other countries in the second block of the program, which will be held this fall. Let us remind that the Accelerator was initiated by the international Office of SPbPU in order to prepare the projects of the Polytechnic for entry into foreign markets in accordance with the Priority 2030 program.

Finals of the spring session of the International Polytechnic Accelerator were held in Technopolis Polytech

The International Polytechnic Accelerator program takes into account the changes in the structure of modern international relations and transformation of the international cooperation priorities. One of the main trends today is the development of partnerships with Asian and Eastern countries, which is emphasized at the highest level. In addition, there is a significant growth of research cooperation within BRICS, which in the near future may be joined by new countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Argentina.

In addition to purely scientific cooperation, SPbPU partners from the countries of these regions show great interest in technology transfer and joint commercialization of innovations. This is the focus of the international Polytechnic Accelerator.

The work of the Accelerator took place on the basis of the Graduate School of Technological Entrepreneurship of the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies during lectures and practical classes with the school experts who have extensive experience in conducting international educational projects in technological entrepreneurship.

Accelerator participants were representatives of research teams that develop high-tech «iron» projects of different university departments: Institute of Physics and Mechanics, Institute of Civil Engineering, Institute of Energy, Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications, Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Center for Technology Projects. Some projects have already been implemented in the Russian market. The Accelerator’s spring session was aimed at evaluating commercialization opportunities in foreign markets. Because of the knowledge-intensive nature of the projects represented in the Accelerator, a significant part of its program was devoted to an analysis of information on international intellectual property databases in cooperation with specialists from the University Center for Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer.

Accelerator participants were representatives of SPbPU research teams

Sergey Antonov, head of the Department of International Scientific and External Economic Relations, opened the final event of the Accelerator’s spring session. As an example, he told the participants about the current opportunities for promoting projects in the Chinese market, which are offered to the university at the level of cooperation between the Ministries of Science and Education of the Russian Federation and China.

The participants themselves noted as the main result of the first block of the Accelerator that they were able to take a new look at the relevance and market opportunities of their projects.

Before coming to the Accelerator, we were considering the use of terahertz radiation technology mainly in the field of medicine, said Konstantin Taranets, a participant in the «Devices for Regenerative Terahertz Therapy.» Analysis of global market trends showed that another very popular industry for the implementation of terahertz technology is telecommunications, namely the 5G and 6G communication standards, which can serve as a basis for expanding the research program.

Accelerator participants presented the results of the first block of the program

One more participant of the program Olga Loboda who came to the Accelerator with the project «High-tech polymer composite materials» noted that the Accelerator helped her team to realize the expediency of international protection of their intellectual rights. In the nearest future, the team of the project plans to prepare the international patent application according to the IPS procedure in order to promote it abroad.

After the presentations the participants discussed with the organizers of the Accelerator further plans for the development of the projects and their fine-tuning to the requirements of international markets in an informal atmosphere created with the support of Dodo Pizza, a partner in the technological entrepreneurship marathon. For the summer period, independent practical work is planned to prepare reports on the marketing position of projects in the target markets, as well as the creation of patent landscapes. In the fall, foreign experts will be involved in project development to help teams build a strategy for entering markets in specific foreign regions and attract regional partners and investors to their projects.

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