International Polytechnic Winter School at SPbPU: Now It’s A Tradition

23 January 2017 International activities 1387

International Polytechnic Winter School at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is now the traditional part of educational process. According to Vice-Rector for International Relations Dmitry Arseniev Nuclear Engineering winter school is one of priority international educational projects at SPbPU.

International Polytechnic Winter School

Vice-Rector for Scientific Work Vitaly Sergeev started his welcome speech with the following words: ‘I am glad to say that from this moment Winter School at SPbPU is officially opened, – declared Vice-Rector for Scientific Work Vitaly Sergeev.”

Winter School at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has been opened for the second time. The event takes place from January 23 to February 3. Junior specialists who would like to gain new experience and perform new experiments and who are ready to share their creative ideas come here from all over the world.

International Polytechnic Winter School

This year the participants of SPbPU Winter School have become about 60 people. More than 30 students came from overseas universities: Northwestern Polytechnical University (China), University of Ghent (Belgium), Iceland School of Energy (Reykjavik), Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany), Czech Technical University (Prague), Polimi (Spain), etc.

A big variety of participating countries (China, Iceland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Russia) makes a unique climate inside the student's association.

International Polytechnic Winter School

– It's very interesting to see a really international community, because you are representatives from different countries, different continents, different cultures and everybody has his or her own knowledge and specialization from his or her university, and here you have the possibility to exchange your knowledge and maybe to find partners between the students of this School, – said Vice-Rector for Scientific Work Vitaly Sergeev.

Nowadays winter schools in Russia are not very widespread. Some of the reasons for this are the difficult organization of such events and university location. SPbPU Academic staff, strong cooperation with the leading foreign professors and charm of St. Petersburg attracts here a lot of students.

– This international Polytechnic winter school has three different approaches: nuclear engineering, which is new for this season, turbo engineering and electrical engineering. The lectures will be given by leading professors from different countries, – said director of the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems Nikolai Zabelin.

And this is the truth: the leading specialists come to the international winter school at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Visiting professors will give lectures on current condition of the industry, and also analyze the concepts of foresight. The visiting professors came both from Europe and Russia. The program is full of practical assignments and different trips: the students will go to the nuclear station, to the modern power plants and some electric power industry company.

 International Polytechnic Winter School

Besides the extensive educational program there is an intense cultural one: the students will visit Hermitage, have a trip to Pushkin (which is one of the most beautiful suburbs of St. Petersburg) and attend the concert to be held at the White Hall of SPbPU.

The students will have the opportunity to know a lot about SPbPU, its history, to see its laboratories, and also to visit industry companies in St. Petersburg and its suburbs. Among them there are the Department of Siemens Company and Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, which is one of the biggest nuclear power plants in the world.

It's hard to have only educational events in St. Petersburg and to say nothing about its beautiful architectural ensembles. Of course, the two weeks which SPbPU winter school has are not enough to see them all. But director of the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems Nikolai Zabelin rightly noted that this would me one of the reasons to visit our city again.

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