Nord Stream 2: a Global Project Involving Polytechnic University

13 April 2018 International activities 1032

Cooperation between SPbPU and the leading national and international industrial companies and enterprises has been already lasting for several decades, and the number of Polytechnic’s industrial partners keeps growing. Besides the efficient implementation of one of its priority tasks, that is, training of highly qualified specialists sought after at the labor market, the university holds broad-scale researches and experiments at its complex of laboratories and research centers. These researches are taking place on a regular basis under the frames of joint projects with international and Russian partners: in April 9 – 12, 2018, a prominent delegation from the Great Britain had visited SPbPU with the purpose to take part in the mechanical testing under the Nord Stream 2 project. The delegation included: David Reeves, Senior Welding Engineer of Nord Stream AG; Jimmy Madden, Quality Assurance Manager, OOO Mezhregiontruboprovodstroy (MRTS); Matthew Madden, Quality Control Inspector, MRTS; and Eduard Gadzhiev, Quality Control Engineer, MRTS. As in the case of many other major projects, the Nord Stream 2 tests are taking place at the Polytechtest Testing Center (TC Polytechtest).

Nord Stream 2: a Global Project Involving Polytechnic University

The Polytechtest Testing Center (Polytechtest) was accredited by the Federal Service for Accreditation; it has a certificate of TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH (Germany) and an approval certificate from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping; it is listed in the register of organizations recommended for cooperation to major companies such as PAO Gazprom and PAO Transneft. Our specialists have held studies and tests for the Nord Stream 2 and keep working under the frames of this project. We can say that practically any broad-scale construction development in our country cannot manage without Polytechnic University, - M.I. ANTONOV, Director of the TC Polytechtest told.

Activities of the Testing Center are focused on mechanical testing of construction and building materials and welded connections, metallographic studies, and corrosion testing. In the context of the Nord Stream 2 project, specialists of the Polytechtest Testing Center are holding preliminary qualification tests of ring-shaped erection welds. In December 2017, the developer of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline Nord Stream 2 AG Company obtained approval of the contract with the MRTS Company for laying the coastal segment and a linking of sections in surface position. Presently, testing of the technology developed by the company is taking place.

Nord Stream 2: a Global Project Involving Polytechnic University

“In the first turn, we have run a check of authorization documents,” Matthew Madden, Quality Control Inspector, MRTS, told. “We were absolutely satisfied with everything and, at this point, we are inspecting the way the tests are run. We were quite impressed by the SPbPU laboratories; the equipment and technical fit-out are of a very high standard.”

There is a lot of work ahead: first, attestation of the technology developed at the Nord Stream AG should take place at TC Polytechtest. After the technology will have passed the testing, the company is going to start hiring personnel for carrying out construction works; the employees will also have to take tests and get the work permits. Strict control is applied at all stages: in particular, when actual laying of the pipes starts, the testers will validate specific joints for verification of reliability of key qualities and parameters.

“We will know about the outcomes of testing later; it is too early to make judgements right now. The Nord Stream 2 is a global project, embracing many countries and enterprises, and we are glad to be engaged in it,” Eduard Gadzhiev, Quality Control Engineer, MRTS shared his opinion.

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