On the way to green energy: the results of the Green ReMark project events

17 December 2021 International activities 191

Recently the terms of implementation of the international Green ReMark project, in which St. Petersburg Polytechnic University was the leading partner, were completed. As part of an international consortium, together with Polytechnic University, the work on the KS1024 Green ReMark project entitled «Development of Regional Green Energy Markets» was carried out by the University of Applied Sciences of South-East Finland (Xamk), the Finnish company Miksei Au and the Russian company Nevskaya Energetika. At the final conference, which was held online, the participants summed up the results and identified plans for the future.

Green ReMark is one of the 7 projects of the ENI CBC 2014-2020 Russia — South-East Finland Program, which have been implemented by departments of Polytechnic University during the last three years under the general guidance of the international office. The Green ReMark project stands out from the general series of these projects because Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University acted as the key (leading) partner in it, which ensured the coordination of the entire international consortium.

The international Green ReMark project brought together representatives of business and universities from Russia and Finland

Work on the project lasted for three years and was aimed at creating a favorable innovation climate (ecosystem) in the region, stimulating energy saving, and the introduction of «green» technologies in the energy sector, utilities, transport, and other backbone industries. The project activities were focused both on solving problems currently relevant and on preparing for new challenges that arise in connection with the development of new technologies in the field of energy production and consumption in the world.

The Green ReMark events were largely aimed at developing cooperation between Russian and Finnish businesses. During the work on the project, a series of large-scale B2B events with personal meetings and negotiations of business representatives, as well as online B2B seminars, were held. The participants discussed specific issues of cooperation in the field of green energy; in total, about 50 representatives of universities and companies from Finland and Russia attended business seminars and meetings. All this demonstrates the high potential for cross-border cooperation in the production and use of green energy.

Green ReMark hosted a series of large-scale B2B events with face-to-face meetings and negotiations between business representatives

We participated in two project events, and through them, we found several potential customers interested in our technology, with whom we are in commercial negotiations, says CEO Risto JOUTSINIEMI, Oy Windside Production Ltd.

Representatives of Russian business also appreciated the past events. «B2B meetings, seminars and other events that were organized by SPbPU within the project allowed us to get a lot of information about the achievements of Finnish companies, talk about our achievements and establish useful business contacts. We hope to develop cooperation with Finnish organizations in the field of production of batteries with a large number of charging cycles,» said Boris LULIN, representative of Avangard.

Organizational, economic, scientific, and technical aspects of green energy development problems were also the focus of the project. The research results of these problems were discussed at four international scientific conferences, published in five joint scientific articles, and presented in scientific and technical reports, which are available on the project website.

According to the participants of the final conference, Green ReMark formed a solid basis for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between Russian and Finnish companies and scientific organizations, the sphere of interests of which includes the production, transmission, storage, and use of green low-carbon energy. These issues will form the basis for the following project proposals that the partners plan to develop for the new generation of the Russia-Southeast Finland ENI CBC Program 2021-2027.

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office

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