Polytech international programs to be evaluated by accreditation council

17 April 2017 International activities 1197

It is not the first accreditation process SPbPU goes through. In 2016 three of the university’s programs were accredited: “Civil Engineering” (BSc and MSc), “Metallurgy” (MSc), “Managament” (international degree program). For years in a row international accreditation has proved to be a decisive factor for increasing competitiveness.


On April 11th 2017 SPbPU was hosting another accreditation team. Two of the international programs offered by the university were subject to evaluation: “Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Buildings” within “Civil engineering” program and “Power Plant Engineering” through “Heat and power Engineering and Heat Technology” program.

Polytech international programs to be evaluated by accreditation council

As rector of the Polytechnic university Mr. A. I. Rudskoy pointed out in his welcome speech, the programs evaluation by leading European accreditation agencies bring out their real quality and competitiveness. He added that any advice on the programs improvement is welcome and valuable.

Rector also took pride in reminding of the university’s involvement with “5-100” project, of the unique technologies, such as nano-tweezer capable of trapping genes, the increasing international student population which is currently the largest for all technical universities.

Polytech international programs to be evaluated by accreditation council

At the launch meeting a series of important questions were brought into focus, one of them being double degree opportunities. Vice rector for international relations Mr. D. Arseniev highlighted the importance of double degree programs for SPbPU where about thirty such programs are now being offered. He also stated that promoting master’s programs is the university priority today. “Master’s programs are becoming a trend at universities across the world”, - explained Mr. Arseniev.

The options for feedback were also discussed: the monitoring center of SPbPU is analyzing students’ satisfaction with the quality of education programs and teaching staff.

Polytech international programs to be evaluated by accreditation council

The issue that aroused much interest concerned tuition fees. Mr. Arseniev spoke of the scholarship opportunities provided by Russian and foreign sponsors, such as Gazprom, Rosnano, Siemens, Bosch, and British Petroleum. Vice rector went on to mention the student scholarship fund, social quotas in higher education offered by Rossotrudnichestvo, he also reminded of the excellence required of a student in order to be able to apply for a scholarship.

International accreditation process took two days. The experts noted the advanced laboratory equipment, good intercultural communication, sincere attitude towards education demonstrated by teachers and students. However, the final decision will remain a secret until the program evaluation report comes out in late June 2017.

Polytech international programs to be evaluated by accreditation council

“The main objective of international programs offered by SPbPU is to enhance the education quality at the university and respond to the demands of the labor market by providing well-prepared workforce. The most important thing is to build up bridges between nations establishing intercultural communication and prepare this multinational family for a happy future”, - concluded vice rector for international relations Mr. D. Arseniev.

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