Polytechnic University graduate from Syria shared his impressions about studying in the Master’s degree program

3 August 2020 International activities 1409

Yarob ALDAIEE is a graduate of Polytechnic University from Syria. In 2020, Yarob graduated with honors from the SPbPU Graduate School of Physics and Materials Technology, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, majoring in the Metallurgy program. He shared his impressions of how several years of study at Polytechnic University passed with the SPbPU International Office. Read about this and more in our interview.

SPbPU alumnus Yarob ALDAIEE shared his impressions on studying in the Master’s degree program of Polytechnic University

- Yarob, congratulations on the successful completion of an important stage in your life! Please share your impressions: was it easy to study at Polytechnic University?

- Studying at Polytechnic University was an interesting and rewarding experience for me. From the first day I fell in love with Polytechnic University and realized that in this university that I would get the practical skills and theoretical knowledge that would be useful to me in my future career. I studied the specifics of metallurgy, and I think I got the most: from lectures by professors, experts and teachers, who were always ready to help and answer any questions, from state-of-the-art laboratories, where we acquired important practical skills. After graduation, I still have a feeling of great gratitude to the teaching staff and the university.

- What disciplines did you like the most?

- I liked almost all the disciplines that I studied in the program, but if to name my favorite subjects, then “Modeling and optimizing technological processes” and “Mathematical simulation of thermal, diffusion and deformation processes” would be my first choice.

- Why did you decide to study metallurgy?

- The choice of the area of studies was easy, not only because for me it’s a continuation of my Bachelor's degree studies, but also because I recon that metallurgy is extremely interesting and essential for our future!

- What are your plans for the future?

- In the near future I plan to continue my path in science and enter the postgraduate course of SPbPU.

- What advice do you have for those planning to go to Polytechnic University?

- My advice is for those who love mathematics, physics, and programming, are not afraid of challenges, want to learn things beyond the standard material and ready to work hard. Study, though difficult, is so exciting! I recommend everyone who is looking for a university that offers a good education and leaves only warm memories, to enroll to Polytechnic University.

- Yarob, thank you for the interesting interview! We wish you success and implementation of all your plans.!

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office

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