Polytechnic University and ParisTech (France) Develop Cooperation

10 December 2015 International activities 1386

At the end of November 2015 a delegation of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University headed by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs D. G. Arsenyev visited Paris in order to participate in the meeting organized by the Association "Paris Institute of Technology" (ParisTech) and further develop partnership with the leading French higher educational institutions.

ParisTech is one of the key partners of SPbPU and unites 12 higher schools of France. Its educational programs cover practically all lines of modern science and innovative technologies.

ParisTech is a modern educational center of a new generation, which can compete with the best educational institutions of the world. The official meeting took place on November 24, 2015 in the conference room of The City of Paris Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution. The following representatives of SPbPU took part in the event: Vice-Rector for International Relations D. G. Arsenyev, Deputy Head of the International Cooperation Office A.L. Mazina, Director of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics A.K. Belyaev, Associate Professor of the Department "Applied mathematics" S. V. Lupulyak, the associate professor of "Physics and Technologies of Nanostructures" V. V. Zhurikhina, Associate Professor of the Department "Information and Control Systems" P. D. Drobintsev. On the part of the Paris Institute of Technology there were: President of ParisTech Jean-Philippe Vanot, and also heads of the international services of eight higher educational institutions which are members of the Association of the French Higher Educational Institutions.

The President of ParisTech, Jean-Philippe Vanot gave a welcome speech to the participants of the meeting. Introducing the higher educational institutions he emphasized that each of the schools- members of the Paris Institute of Technology is recognized as the best in its sphere. Their competitive advantage is a large number of engineering disciplines. Jean-Philippe Vanot pointed out the importance of cooperation between ParisTech and SPbPU and on behalf of all the heads of the higher schools of Paris spoke about their intention to develop international double-degree Master’s programs together with our university.

"International projects is one of the areas in which ParisTech prefers to act together with other educational institutions and organizations. The higher schools which are part of ParisTech are focused on practice-oriented education which is possible due to the support of enterprises and companies. Most schools are headed by the heads of French businesses, whose role in the sphere the school specializes in is considerable, – explained Jean - Philip Vanot. – Participation of the representatives of French enterprises is necessary to adapt today’s educational programs and scientific research to the interests and requirements of society and industry". In his turn, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of SPbPU D. G. Arsenyev thanked ParisTech for the organized meeting "in time difficult for France and the whole world" and voiced hope for further active corroboration aimed at training internationally recognized professionals..

Relations of SPbPU and the Association “Paris Institute of Technology” are about successful joint projects in various areas: one semester internships of students in experimental physics (Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications); internships of the staff of the Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) in the lines: “Structural Stability” and “Construction of Buildings and Structures”; discussion of a possibility for a joint Master’s program in the major “Intellectual Systems”; partner scientific seminars and conferences on materials science; scientific advising and participation in dissertation councils with the ICE; signing a contract between the institutions and harmonization of the training courses to develop a joint program in civil engineering.

Within the frame of the interuniversity cooperation the Master’s program ”Design and Technology Innovations” was carried out, two seminars (“Innovative Higher Educational Institution” project) on administrative personnel retraining were held. Main partners of the Polytechnic University are Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole de Mines, Arts et Métiers ParisTech. It should be noted that the first contract between SPbPU and ParisTech was signed in 2006. In 2014 a new agreement was concluded. The Parisian negotiations confirmed interest of all the participants in Master’s programs of double degrees between ParisTech and SPbPU. At the meeting a decision was made to harmonize 4-5 Master’s programs and make contracts on double degree Master’s programs by next academic year.

In addition, during the Parisian visit the delegation of SPbPU visited the University Pierre et Marie Curie which is the biggest scientific medical complex of France. The representatives of the Polytechnic University got really interested in the advanced research concerning technical innovations relying on an extensive experimental base and done by this higher educational institution. The scientists agreed about mutual visits and exchange of experience.

During 2015 the Institute of Physics, Nanotechnologies and Telecommunications of SPbPU and the University Pierre et Marie Curie worked together to harmonize the curriculum and syllabus of the joint Master’s program. The result of this cooperation is the network program of the international Master’s program called NANOMAT (with the participation of Roma Tre University (Italy), Sorbonne University (France), University of Antwerp (Holland), Uppsala University (Finland), which represents a new interdisciplinary approach to education and guarantees success to each student.

For reference:

The Association “Paris Institute of Technology” is an interuniversity cooperation organization set up for joint development of educational, research and innovative projects in the field of science, technology and management. ParisTech unites 12 higher schools of France (Grandes Écoles), which are involved in similar spheres of training and research, and contribute to multidisciplinarity of the Association. The Association was founded in 1999. The president of ParisTech is Professor Jean-Philippe Vanot.

  • Member universities of the Association
  • AgroParisTech (Agricultural University)
  • Arts et Métiers ParisTech (Higher School of Arts, Science and Technology)
  • Chimie ParisTech (Higher Chemistry School)École des Ponts ParisTech (Higher School of Bridges)
  • École Polytechnique (Polytechnic School)
  • ENSAE ParisTech (National Institute of Statistics and Economics)
  • ENSTA ParisTech (Military Technology Institute of the Ministry of Defense)
  • ESPCI ParisTech (Higher School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry, research university. It carries out target training of Master’s and graduate students for the industry)
  • HEC Paris (Business School of the Chamber of Commerce of France, No. 1 in the ranking of the European business schools according to THE)
  • Institut d'Optique Graduate School (Higher School of Optical Technologies)
  • MINES ParisTech (Higher Mining School)
  • Telecom ParisTech (Higher School of Telecommunications)

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