Polytechnic University and Tsingua University carry on dialogue about the cooperation of technology parks

22 September 2015 International activities 639

Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University and the largest Chinese technology parks are working on joint science and technology projects in the sphere of industry and innovation. On 15th September the representatives of the Tsingua University branch in the city of Wuxi visited our University in order to discuss the prospects for cooperation between the technology parks.

Polytechnic University and Tsingua University carry on dialogue about the cooperation of technology parks

It was not the first meeting with the Chinese partners. In April 2015 during the visit of the Polytechnic University delegation to Tsingua University a cooperation agreement between SPbPU and the Technology Park of Tsingua University was signed. During the summer the delegations of the two largest Chinese technology parks, Zhongguancun Technology Park and Tsingua University Technology Park, visited our University twice in order to discuss certain projects and establish business contacts for the purpose of implementing the Russian-Chinese developments to come.

During the latest meeting the representatives of Tsingua University mentioned that the partnership with the Polytechnic University is an opportunity to establish ties in the sphere of science and business, to share expertise and set up faculty exchange experience projects. The Chinese partners are interested in cooperating with the academic circles of the Polytechnic University and Technopark “Polytechnic”, creating joint startups and promoting Russian innovation projects into the Chinese market. They are also ready to provide financial support and commercialization of inventions and other products of intellectual activity.

V.D. Khizhnyak, the director of the International Cooperation Office at SPbPU, elaborated on the strategic plans of our University, and he also outlined the possible ways of cooperation, “Since 2010 the Polytechnic University has had the status of a national research university. The focus areas of research are new materials, experimental nuclear physics, bio-, nano- and information technologies, and renewable sources of energy”.

 Polytechnic University and Tsingua University carry on dialogue about the cooperation of technology parks
Политех и Университет Цинхуа продолжают диалог о сотрудничестве технопарков

M.E. Rayak, the Director of Technopark “Polytechnic”, was present at the meeting. He said that apart from being home for plenty of highly-educated faculty and science-based research, our technology park was created in order to enhance the quality of education. “Our students apply the knowledge practically. It is interesting to see how former schoolchildren turn into successful developers and entrepreneurs. Every startup deserves attention and encouragement from senior colleagues. This means not just support from mentors, but also substantial financial backing. Companies that are our partners ensure expertise sharing”, said M.E. Rayak.

As a result of the meeting, specific directions for cooperation were identified, which include joint introduction of technical developments and their launch into the world market. The participants discussed the sources of finance and the opportunities to use the research facilities of the University and involve international companies. “We consider innovation as our priority, we do our best to support promising projects, we clear the way for new developments. This is a historic moment of active cooperation between our countries in various fields. I am sure that we also need to develop the collaboration between our technology parks’, summarized V.D. Khizhnyak.

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