Polytechnic University and Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics signed a cooperation agreement

21 June 2021 International activities 66

In June, Polytechnic University and Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics (PRC) held business talks, which resulted in the signing of the Cooperation Agreement. The ceremony was held online. The event was attended on behalf of SPbPU by Professor Dmitry ARSENIEV, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Evgeniya SATALKINA, Head of International Education Office, Dmitry RODIONOV, Director of the Higher School of Engineering and Economics, Tatiana KUDRYAVTSEVA, Head of Economics Department, and representatives of international office and institutes. The Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics was represented by Vice President HU Cai, Director of the International Department JI Mei, staff members of the institutes, and the international office.

SPbPU and Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics signed an agreement on online cooperation

Universities act as integrators and drivers of development, covering with their influence the most important social processes and acting as a link in various spheres of life, said the Vice-Rector for International Affairs of SPbPU, so we are glad that today we have a new Chinese partner, with whom I am sure we will reach new frontiers of cooperation.

Representatives of international services and higher schools of SPbPU took part in negotiations with the Chinese university

In his turn, the Vice President of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics emphasized that the establishment of official partnership relations with a prominent Russian university is of key importance for the Chinese university, and expressed the hope that bilateral cooperation will develop dynamically.

Representatives of SPbPU and Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics discussed cooperation options

Among the planned options for cooperation, the parties identified the development of network programs in economics and finance, joint research in the field of sustainable development aimed at improving the regional infrastructure and business environment, participation in Russian-Chinese innovation management projects, and much more. A working group will be formed shortly, which will hold a series of thematic meetings to discuss specific areas of cooperation. Before the opening of the borders, communication will take place online, and all the participants of the negotiations expressed the hope that very soon they will have the opportunity to see each other in person.

SPbPU and Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics plan to implement a joint educational program

We plan to implement the International Bachelor’s Degree Program in Finance in English as part of the Economics major. Due to the significant academic potential of both universities, the Bachelor’s double degree program will admit students from the People’s Republic of China with high academic, personal, and language qualifications, commented Dmitry RODIONOV, Director of the Higher School of Engineering and Economics. As a result of mastering the program students will not only acquire professional but also intercultural competencies, which will allow them to implement international practical and scientific projects in the field of finance. The management of graduate qualification works will be carried out by professors from both universities, and joint interstate examination commissions will be organized for their defense. Thus, joint training involving the best professors from both universities will allow to prepare leading specialists in the field of finance and develop partnerships in the field of science.

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office

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