Polytechnic University and Tangshan Oriental Education School plan to open a joint Polytech-Tangshan Official Preparatory Center

14 March 2022 International activities 561

On March 2, 2022, Polytechnic University and Tangshan Oriental Education School (PRC) signed an agreement to establish the joint Polytech-Tangshan Official Preparatory Center. Its key goal will be to prepare Chinese students to enter Polytechnic University and other universities in St. Petersburg. The agreement was signed by Vitaliy SERGEEV, First Vice-Rector of SPbPU and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Russia, and ZHANG Guofu, President of Tangshan Oriental Education Group.

On behalf of SPbPU, the agreement on the creation of the joint Polytech-Tangshan Official Preparatory Center was signed by First Vice-Rector Vitaliy SERGEEV

It is planned that the new Polytech-Tanshan center will select and prepare talented Chinese students for admission to Polytechnic University. Among the main activities of the center are holding classes in general subjects and the Russian language, as well as refresher courses for Chinese teachers and their familiarization with advanced teaching methods. Another important task of the center will be the popularization of the Russian language and culture in China. This will be facilitated by organizing joint international events such as open lessons, seminars, competitions for schoolchildren, as well as the already well-known in China «Polytechnic Days of the Russian language», which have proven themselves as a productive form of promotion of the Russian language and culture.

The signing ceremony was held online. Together with SPbPU and Tangshan Oriental Education School, representatives of the Committee on Science and Higher Education and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Government of St. Petersburg, the Government of the city of Tangshan, and the Bridge of Friendship Company joined the broadcast. Victor KRASNOSHCHEKOV, Director of the Higher School of International Educational Programs, was the moderator.

The signing ceremony of the agreement on the creation of the joint Polytech-Tangshan Official Preparatory Center was held online

Welcoming the participants, Vitaliy SERGEEV, First Vice-Rector of SPbPU, emphasized that historically all scientific and educational activities of Polytechnic University as one of the most international universities in Russia have been focused on the creation, cooperation, and friendship strengthening. I especially want to say that cooperation with the People’s Republic of China has always been and remains a priority for Polytechnic University in the development of international relations in science and education. I am sure that we will move forward together, conduct joint work in various areas of science, education, and technology, and together build a fair future for our peoples and countries, stressed Vitaliy SERGEEV.

According to the leadership of SPbPU, the creation of the joint Polytech-Tangshan Official Preparatory Center will attract talented Chinese applicants who will be able to apply the received modern competencies in the field of advanced engineering technologies for the benefit of the industrial and economic development of China in the future.

In his return greeting, ZHANG Guofu, president of Tangshan Oriental Education School, also emphasized the significance of the new joint Polytech-Tangshan Official Preparatory Center and called it «a link between the two cities.» We are full of expectation and enthusiasm for the future. I believe that the new center will be of serious significance in strengthening the educational and research ties between Polytechnic University and Tangshan Oriental Education School, as well as expanding cultural exchanges and overall progress, said ZHANG Guofu.

On the PRC side, representatives of the Tangshan administration and the leadership of the Tangshan Eastern International School participated in the event

The president of the Tangshan Oriental Education School was joined in the words by representatives of the Tangshan administration. Deputy Mayor of Tangshan ZHANG Yuexian noted that in recent years, relations of friendship and cooperation between China and Russia continue to develop, and compared the signing ceremony with the creation of the foundation of friendly relations between Tangshan and St. Petersburg. LI Lianbin, deputy head of the education department of the Tangshan Administration, noted the principle of openness of educational institutions in the city and the focus on creating an international system of education for schoolchildren. Polytechnic University with more than 120 years history is one of the best universities in Russia, and we believe that cooperation between your university and Tangshan Oriental Education School will promote multi-level economic, educational, and cultural exchange between Tangshan and St. Petersburg, — stressed LI Lianbin.

The Polytech-Tangshan Official Preparatory Center will function at the Tangshan Oriental Education School located in the industrial city of Tangshan in Hebei province near Beijing. The Tangshan Oriental Education School educates more than 7,500 students, is a major educational institution in China, and has a strong material and technical base. It is noteworthy that the director of the future PRC Preparatory Center ZHANG Shuoying is currently studying in the graduate school of SPbPU, and by his personal example demonstrates a high level of polytechnic education.

Establishment of the Polytech-Tangshan Official Preparatory Center was supported by the Government of St. Petersburg and Tangshan

The creation of the new center was also supported by the Government of St. Petersburg. First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Science and Higher Education Irina GANUS pointed out that it was important and valuable for the city that due to the joint center more Chinese students would be able to receive high-quality training and continue their studies at St. Petersburg universities, and Arbi ABUBAKAROV, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, stressed that the development of relations between the countries and growth of friendly contacts significantly affects the need for training of highly qualified specialists, which is directly related to the activities of the city.

At the end of the meeting, Dmitry ROGOZIN, CEO of Friendship Bridge, noted that as early as September, the new Preparatory Center will be able to help significantly increase the number of Chinese applicants to SPbPU. A Chinese proverb says: the path of a thousand steps begins with the first step. Together we are capable of creating, and today we are at the beginning of the road, the first step on which has already been taken, concluded Dmitry ROGOZIN.

The signing of the agreement on the creation of the Polytech-Tangshan Official Preparatory Center is a momentous event for the entire university

Rector of SPbPU, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei RUDSKOI commented on the significant event for the entire university: Polytechnic University has a unique experience in training foreign citizens, many of whom have achieved outstanding success in Russia and in their home country. We strive not only to continuously improve the quality of our educational programs but also to share the best practices with our foreign partners, thereby increasing the effectiveness of our activities many times over. Polytech-Tangshan Official Preparatory Center is just an example of creating unique information and educational environment that will allow our future students to receive a decent and high-quality training in China to continue their studies at Polytechnic University.

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