Polytechnic University at the World Youth Festival

7 March 2024 International activities 255

The World Youth Festival 2024 came to an end in Sirius. On the final day of the festival, an open dialog entitled «Women Leaders: The Path to Success» was held in the hall of SPbPU. It was attended by Olga Petrova, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia, Jamila Ibrahim, Minister of Youth of Nigeria, and Mahdi Izadpana, researcher at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. The meeting was moderated by Irina Rudskaya, Professor at St. Petersburg Polytechnic and Director of Gazprom Neft’s IT and Business Analysis Research Center.

Participants in the dialog “Women Leaders: The Path to Success”

The panelists talked about the unique role of women leaders in the modern world. Nowadays, the number of women leaders is growing in the spheres of state, municipal, scientific, corporate and business management. In conditions of constant dynamically changing humanitarian, economic, political situation in the world, it is women who have to make every effort to create a favorable, stimulating environment within companies and organizations, to be responsible for the creative atmosphere and to develop partnerships. At the same time, it is important for women not to forget about their families and children. The speakers of the open dialog agreed that realization in family life gives women strength and becomes the foundation for building a successful career.

Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia Olga Petrova

The open dialogue turned out to be so lively that the organizers had to remind several times about the end of the event. The audience actively joined the discussion and asked the speakers questions. Informal communication continued after the end of the session.

Thanks to the intelligence, beauty, incredible energy of our speakers, the open dialog aroused genuine interest in the audience. From the stage I saw the fiery eyes of the female listeners, it’s incredible. I am confident in the strength and solidarity of the women’s community, whose members always support each other, can always find a compromise and honorably solve any difficult task, said Irina Rudskaya.

Moderator of the session Professor Irina Rudskaya of SPbPU

One of the most important events for the university was the strategic session «Russian-African Network University: International Cooperation». RAFU is a unified platform for the development of academic interaction between Russian and African universities created on the initiative of the Consortium work, promotes intercultural dialog of students from different countries, as well as the preservation, development and mutual enrichment of cultures, languages, historical and national traditions. At the strategic session, the participants summarized the results of the consortium’s work and outlined plans for the development of academic and scientific ties with African universities.

Strategic Session “Russian-African Network University: International Cooperation”

Alexey Borovkov, Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation of SPbPU and Head of the Advanced SPbPU Digital Engineering School, presented a prototype of an antidebris filter for fuel assemblies of nuclear reactors, models of aerodynamically perfect sledges for three-time world luge champion Roman Repilov, and a two-seat composite gondola for a new world record of Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, a model of the CML-180/240 turboprop gas turbine engine for light-engine airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as a model of the Snegir-1 UAV designed and manufactured according to a hybrid scheme — a «multi-rotor scheme» for take-off and landing and a «flying wing» aircraft scheme for cruising mode.

Alexei Borovkov, Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation of SPbPU, introduces the developments of SPbPU Advanced Engineering School to Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov

The World Youth Festival is not just a space for sharing experience and knowledge, but also an opportunity to attract young talents from all over the world. SPbPU’s participation in such a large-scale event allows us to expand the boundaries of our educational community and create an international environment for sharing knowledge and experience. We encourage creativity and search for new solutions, support research and development of our students and teachers, provide resources and infrastructure for innovative projects. Through cooperation and knowledge sharing, we can create a world where every young person will have the opportunity to implement his or her potential and contribute to the development of society, summed up SPbPU’s work at the World Youth Festival Andrei Rudskoi.

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