Welcoming tutors about International Polytechnic Summer School

11 May 2017 International activities 2226

Summer is coming and we all are anticipating the launch of a new International Polytechnic Summer School. Hundreds of students flock to Polytech from all around the world hoping to make new friends, improve their language skills through practice, acquire knowledge in the program of their choice and enjoy the marvels of the city in their free time. They will be assisted by a team of Polytech guides who call themselves “tutors”. 

Welcoming tutors about International Polytechnic Summer School

Tutor is a guide, a friend and an assistant to international students who often find themselves lost in translation and cultural differences once they come to Russia. One of the arguments in favor of this job is the possibility to take the course free of charge and bright up your life mixing up with people from different countries. The responsibilities of a tutor include organization issues and document management as well as memorable outings to the countryside. The basic job requirement is good English speaking skills.

We have asked some ex-student tutors about their responsibilities and their Summer School experience.

Anastasia Kashina, a student of the Institute of Humanities at the Department ‘ International Relations ‘first heard about tutorship from her teachers, and once she took up the job she has never regretted it. “Firstly, the Summer school job involves everyday language practice which really boosts your language skills, English and Chinese in my case. Secondly, it gives an insight into the structure of an international program, a useful knowledge if you plan to pursue a career in this field. Thirdly, I have earlier heard positive reviews on the tutor job from my friends who shared their experience of new friendships and exciting pastime”, - says Anastasia.

Welcoming tutors about International Polytechnic Summer School

Christina Kurtyamova is also majoring in International Relations. She learnt of the tutor job from her excited classmates and was happy to get assigned to a group of Chinese students, thus immersing in the language from an early stage of her student life.

НастоящимIt is no doubt that the Summer School is one of the most efficient ways to attract international students to the Polytechnic University and the city. The school offers a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with the Russian culture and language, attend interesting classes and get a close-up look at the country. The tutors’ contribution is priceless; for tutors themselves the experience of summer school is not just another line in the CV, but an exciting adventure. 

This year students are once again welcome to apply for a tutor’s position. To apply, please, contact the International Programs and Projects Department in office 227 of the 15th academic building. Ask our managers for more information at intprogram@spbstu.ru.

The International Polytechnic Summer School team is looking forward to meeting new participants who are guaranteed the unforgettable experience of work and communication and life-long memories of incredible adventures.

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