The agreement between SPbPU and the University Association of Toulouse

9 December 2015 International activities 651

At the end of November the SPbPU delegation visited the University of Toulouse to sign the agreement with the University Association of Toulouse and to enhance the cooperation.

In France SPbPU was represented by Vice-Rector for International Relations D.G.Arseniev, Chief Deputy of International Relations Office A.L.Mazina, the Head of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics A.K.Belyaev, the associate professor of the Applied Mathematics Department S.V.Lupulyak, the associate professor of Physics and Technology of Nanostructures Department V.V.Zhurihina, associate professor of Information and Control Systems Department P.D.Drobintsev, associate professor of Water Resources and Hydrotechnical Engineering Department Issa Togo, professor of Water Resources and Hydrotechnical Engineering, the Head of the Research and Training Center "The Renewable Energy Sources" V.V.Elistratov, professor of Theoretical Electrical Engineering Department A.G. Kalimov.

The University Association of Toulouse is one of the biggest Universities of France. It consists of 19 universities and 6 research centers of the region. More than 120 thousand students study in the Universities of the Association.

Dr. Laurent Grosclaude, Vice Rector in charge of International Relations, Toulouse University, France, met Russian colleagues. He marked the importance of the collaboration of our Universities, willingness of French students to study in SPbPU and admitted that universities and colleges of Toulouse are interested in co-developing of Joint Degree Master's programs, Ph.D. programs and research projects.

It is worth noting that now the French Foreign Policy focuses on alliance. All the participants of the meeting agreed that education is beyond any global problems and it helps to keep century-long traditions and cultural values.

"First of all, I wish to express my gratitude to you for your willingness to accept our work group in your glorified University in these tough times. We hope that our scientific collaboration will enhance our mutual confidence and further work. Academic and student exchanges help our cross-cultural communication and science and culture knew no bounds ", said D.G.Arseniev. He also talked about long-time cooperation with France that was always a loyal and faithful partner for SPbPU.

Nowadays, SPbPU is cooperating only with two universities of Toulouse Association. Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse 3) is having a bilateral co-operation with the “Nanobiotechnology” Research and Innovation Complex in "Ecology and Nanotechnologies". In 2015, the Institute of Humanities of SPbPU and The University of Toulouse Jean Jaures (Toulouse 2) signed the agreement. Now the Institute of Humanities is implementing a program of student exchange in "Applied Linguistics: Language, Culture, Mentality".

Moreover, our university cooperates with the leading aircraft manufacture AIRBUS. Within the framework of this collaboration, we signed the agreement with Société de Mécanique Magnétique (S2M) in applied calculation for aircraft engineering. This is the cooperation in the compressor industry. "We are happy to broaden the opportunities for the collaboration of our universities in the field of academic and student exchanges, as well as in diverse research spheres and international academic programs development. We are ready to discuss offers that are more specific and we hope that during our visit we will prepare the plan of events for 2016 with the index of exchange students, academic program subjects and research projects. We will also touch upon the dates of our next meetings in Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University", admitted Vice-Rector D.G.Arseniev.

French colleagues were very enthusiastic and accepted all initiatives of our delegation. Within the frameworks of the meeting, SPbPU representatives visited some laboratories of the University of Toulouse and became aware of the latest inventions and research.

At the end of the meeting, both sides agreed that at the beginning of 2016 five students from Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University would go to study in the University of Toulouse. In return, five French students will come to SPbPU. At the end of May - beginning of June 2016, Toulouse University's representatives are planning to visit SPbPU to sign the agreement about joint degree programs.

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