SPbPU and Ak Bars develop cooperation with China

31 May 2024 International activities 220

On May 27, a delegation from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) headed by Anatoly Popovich, Director of the Institute of Machinery, Materials, and Transport (IMM&T), together with representatives of Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation under the leadership of Rinat Mistakhov visited DxS Engineering Corporation in Dalian, People’s Republic of China. The main topic of discussion was the direction of cooperation in the field of creating a set of equipment for the production of lithium-ion batteries and large-size products.

Delegation of SPbPU and Ak Bars visited Dalian Machine Building Corporation

On May 28, SPbPU Peter the Great’s strategic partner, NEMTRI, led by Wang Qingsheng, during his visit to DxS, signed an agreement to establish a technology development center for new types of batteries and smart energy equipment. This agreement will be an important impetus for the development of new areas of cooperation between Chinese and Russian companies.

Signing of the agreement on the establishment of the center for the development of new types of batteries and smart energy equipment

On May 29, the delegation of SPbPU and Ak Bars moved to Changxing, where they visited the joint Science-Technology Center. During the visit, the representatives familiarized themselves with laboratories and a production line for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. On the same day, a trilateral cooperation agreement was signed between NEMTRI, SPbPU and Ak Bars on the development of quasi-solid lithium-ion batteries.

Tripartite cooperation agreement between NEMTRI, SPbPU and Ak Bars

These important steps in the development of cooperation between Russia and China open up new prospects for innovation and technological progress in the energy and engineering sectors.

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