SPbPU and RAU: Joint Astrophysics Conference, Dissertation Councils and New Plans

26 October 2022 International activities 123

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and Russian-Armenian University (RAU; Armenia) summarized the results of the joint Astrophysics school conference, discussed the opening of joint dissertation councils and the results of scientific-pedagogical training of the staff, and identified a working group to organize All-Russian conference of young scientists. These and other issues were discussed during the visit of a SPbPU delegation to RAU, which included Sergey Makarov, professor at the Higher School of Applied Physics and Space Technology, and Maxim Vinnichenko, deputy director of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications.

Photo on preview SPbPU and RAU summarized the joint school-conference on astrophysics. Photo source: www.goodfon.ru

One of the key topics on the agenda was summarizing the results of the joint school-conference on astrophysics «Space Science and Technology» organized by SPbPU, RAU and the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (Byurakan, Armenia). At the conference, leading experts in the field of astrophysics, space technologies, radio astronomy, and navigation systems presented their reports, while the young specialists had the opportunity to learn about the latest achievements in these scientific fields and share the results of their research. The organizers emphasized the importance of the event for attracting the young generation to research in applied astrophysics and related fields and agreed to organize another conference in 2023.

Another important topic of the talks was the summing up of the results of scientific and pedagogical internships of SPbPU and RAU staff for 2022 in the directions «Physics of Nanostructures» and «Modern Telecommunication Technologies». Based on the results of joint work on the direction ‘Modern telecommunication technologies’ in 2022, a number of reports and publications were made; the structure of the joint research grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for submission in 2023 was formed, emphasized Sergey Makarov. In addition, they discussed plans to deploy a ground station at RAU to receive signals from the spacecraft «Polytech Universe-1» and «Polytech Universe-2», launched from Baikonur on August 9, 2022.

SPbPU representatives Sergey Makarov and Maxim Vinnichenko visited the Russian-Armenian University

We have completed work on a joint textbook on the direction of ‘Physics of Nanostructures’ and several articles for highly ranked journals from the first and second quartiles. In addition, we outlined the range of conferences where theses of papers were sent for submission and approbation of the results of joint scientific work, noted Maxim Vinnichenko. Plans were also developed for further joint work within the framework of the ongoing Russian-Armenian RFBR grant ‘Investigation of single-particle and multi-particle optical effects in Ge/Si quantum dots’.

SPbPU and RAU held a separate meeting to discuss the 24th All-Russian Youth Conference on Semiconductor and Nanostructure Physics and Semiconductor Opto- and Nanoelectronics, scheduled for late November of this year. As a result of the meeting, a working group for organizing the conference and a program committee for reviewing submitted papers were formed. The parties defined the details of the event and coordinated the list of invited speakers — leading scientists and experts — with the program committee online.

At the end of the visit, the representatives of SPbPU and RAU discussed the successful experience of the Dissertation Council on Semiconductor Physics in Spring 2022 and the plans for the Dissertation Council on Radio Engineering, including TV Systems and Devices which includes Professor V. Avetisyan.

The visit of SPbPU delegation to RAU took place within the framework of the state project «Implementation of a complex of measures to improve the efficiency of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) and Belarusian-Russian universities in training professional personnel for the digital economy through the development of research programs, additional education and professional development programs for students and young scientists, including the use of modern distance technologies». This project is funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and aims to develop cooperation between SPbPU and the two Slavic universities.

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