SPbPU at the meeting with the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee

20 June 2024 International activities 203

The Committee for Science and Higher Education of St. Petersburg held a working meeting with a delegation from the Committee for Science and Technology of Shanghai, China. The Chinese colleagues were met by the Chairman of the Committee for Science and Higher Education Andrey Maksimov and the Committee’s staff. Vladimir Khizhnyak, Head of the International Relations Office, participated in the meeting from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The Chinese delegation consisted of the staff of the Shanghai Committee and the Shanghai Institute of Photonics and Precision Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, headed by Ms. Huang Hong, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Committee on Science and Technology.

Working meeting with the delegation of the Shanghai Committee on Science and Technology

Andrey Maksimov told about the work of the CSHE in general and about the interaction with Chinese scientific organizations, universities and companies in particular. He invited the Chinese colleagues to several large-scale scientific and educational events to be held in St. Petersburg in summer.

Ms. Huang Hong spoke about the current activities of the Shanghai Committee, as well as plans to expand cooperation with the CSHE, organizations and universities. She also said that SPbPU is widely known in China and offered her assistance in further promotion of the university in China.

Vladimir Khizhnyak and Ms. Huang Hong, Vice-Chairman of the Shanghai Committee for Science and Technology

Shao Jianda, Deputy Director of the Institute of Photonics and Precision Mechanics of CAS, spoke about the activities of the Institute and plans for cooperation with research institutes of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and SPbPU.

Vladimir Khizhnyak shared the results of work of SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai, said that relatively recently SPbPU International Center in Nanjing was opened on the basis of Jiangsu Research Cluster of Industrial Technologies, which assists in organizing cooperation with Chinese industrial companies, raising funds to support Chinese graduate students and their supervisors from SPbPU.

At the end of the visit, they agreed on a follow-up meeting to sign a cooperation agreement between St. Petersburg and Shanghai CST and on specific cooperation activities between the Shanghai committee and the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai.

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