SPbPU Took Part in the Exhibition “Days of International Education”

16 March 2016 International activities 677

In early March 2016 Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University took part in the exhibition “Days of International Education” that was held in three cities of the Baltic Sea region, namely in Vilnius (Lithuania), Tallinn (Estonia) and Riga (Latvia). The main reason why the Polytechnic University participated in this event was to encourage school-leavers to study at it.

SPbPU Took Part in the Exhibition  Days of International Education

During the presentation of SPbPU in Vilnius, school students learnt about the enrollment procedure for foreign students at the Polytechnic University, the research activities of this leading engineering university in Russia and the achievements of its research teams. The Polytechnic University is a unique platform for various projects. What is more, the main advantage is that every student can become an equal participant of a variety of scientific experiments.

SPbPU Took Part in the Exhibition  Days of International Education

Those who attended the event in Riga demonstrated a great interest in such areas of study at the Polytechnic University as food biotechnology, medical physics and bioengineering, electrical power engineering and electrical technology. The potential students are planning to find employment in Saint Petersburg.

At the exhibition the young dwellers of Tallinn were also interested in the programs of liberal arts education offered at SPbPU. They have a dream to build a career in the sphere of international relations, PR and advertizing, as well as to do other jobs related to public communications.

SPbPU Took Part in the Exhibition  Days of International Education

On the whole, the results of the exhibition “Days of International Education” confirm the fact that Russian higher education is really popular with school-leavers in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. The Polytechnic University is on the top list of universities to study at. After this exhibition we hope to receive many more enquiries from the potential students of the Baltic Sea region and that a lot of such students will come to study at the Polytechnic University.

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