SPbPU Expands Cooperation with Italy’s Regions

22 June 2016 International activities 521

The International Relations Resource Center held a meeting with Professor Enzo Longbardi, project coordinator of Naples and Pompeii Development as Italy’s tourist region.

SPbPU Expands Cooperation with Italy’s Regions

The meeting was attended by V.L. Raskovalov, professor of the Academic Department, the Rector’s Office, A.L. Mazina, deputy director of the International Cooperation Department, Y.M. Ivanov, professor of the department “Management in Social Economic Systems” and employees of SPbPU international departments.

It should be noted that Italy is an interesting and promising partner for Russia. This year St. Petersburg International Economic Forum saw the opening of the pavilion “Italy in Russia”, where 22 Italian companies presented innovative technologies to be applied in energy sector, mechanical engineering industry, agricultural industry, etc. Experts agree that the effective Russian-Italian dialogue has an impact on the RF economy and important global-scale projects.

SPbPU Expands Cooperation with Italy’s Regions

An important role in forming the single business space is played by the educational course of both countries, aimed at training highly-qualified personnel and oriented on international cooperation. That was something Prof. Enzo Longbardi said in the negotiations at the Polytechnic University. Today’s Naples affects the development of entire Italy: cultural heritage of the city attracts tourists from different countries of the world. According to the guest, development of the tourist sector in Campania region is an achievement of many specialists, among which one should distinguish university scientists and professors, who involve their students in serious and responsible work on popularization of the culture and traditions of the Italian people. In this respect, in Enzo Longbardi’s standpoint, Naples is very similar to St. Petersburg, the city which harmoniously combines the past and the present, creative approach and an ambition to stick to its individual style.

Prof. Enzo Longbardi also mentioned that Naples’s universities are ready to cooperate with SPbPU. For example, Frederico II University of Naples is one of the oldest universities in the world. It was founded in 1224 as an educational center of the Kingdom of Sicily. There are a lot of companies involved in hospitality business, textile and footwear manufacturing enterprises. They are ready to receive SPbPU students for internships and let them know about the specifics of international business development and major management secrets.

In their turn, SPbPU employees spoke about the Polytechnic University’s partners in Italy, continuous interaction of our specialists, student’s exchange and successful educational programs. Today professions in the sphere of energy sector are very popular among Italian students. Participation in the summer and winter Polytechnic schools will help them broaden their horizon in this sector and get consultations of the respected experts and practitioners.

At the end of the meeting Enzo Longbardi, project coordinator of Naples and Pompeii Development, promised to provide cooperation in establishing contacts between SPbPU, universities and organizations of Campania region. The professor emphasized that he considers the future cooperation very important for the educational system of both countries.

“I have been working with Russia for more than 10 years and I adore St. Petersburg. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Talented Italian architects took part in the construction of your city. A lot of things unite us. First of all, this is love to our past, which we will definitely pass on to the younger generation,” summarized Prof. Enzo LONGBARDI.

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