SPbPU – Opening of the New Year of Cooperation with Teaching Staff from the World Leading Universities

5 February 2016 International activities 837

At the end of January 2016 St. Petersburg Polytechnic University held a regular meeting of the Commission for selecting foreign teachers taken on the positions of scientific and pedagogical workers in the Polytechnic University.

SPbPU – Opening of the New Year of Cooperation with Teaching Staff from the World Leading Universities

In the near future professors from leading universities of the world, who will not only share valuable knowledge with our students, but also will help them to understand the basics of communication with international colleagues, partners and scientific opponents, are to lecture in our University. All international lecturers are deeply respectful to the achievements of the Polytechnic University, and can guarantee excellent results. We are delighted to introduce to you: professor Jan Kratzer, Berlin Technical University (Germany); professor Ozer Igra, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Beer Sheva, Israel); professor Marco Ricotti, Turin Polytechnic University (Italy); professor Urje Juhani Hyvarinen, Lappeenranta Technological University (Finland); associate professor Candido Betony Ancom, expert of TML Ltd (Ghana); associate professor Antonio Cammi, Milan Polytechnic University (Italy); associate professor Laura Savoldi, Turin Polytechnic University (Italy); associate professor Benni Rafael, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (India); associate professor Vaclav Dostal, Czech Technical University (Czech Republic); associate professor Norbert Vays, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (Czech Republic); associate professor Men Tao, Zhejiang University (PRC); professor Andreas Zehetner, Vice President of Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences (Austria); professor V.D. Zakhmatov, State Ecological Security Academy (Ukraine).

Each visiting professor is of great interest for SPbPU in terms of developing international cooperation, acquiring experience in external teaching activities and achievements in various scientific areas. In addition, familiarizing with foreign teaching methods will offer the students of the Polytechnic University a unique opportunity to integrate into the global educational environment, participate in international projects and develop a successful professional career in the future.

Professor Andreas Zehetner, Vice President of Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences is to lecture in the Institute of Industrial Economics and Management (IIEM) of SPbPU from March to June 2016. He will give lectures and seminars on “International Marketing Management” for Master’s graduate students of the 5th year. The Austrian professor will inform students of the organization of international market research, opportunities of entering overseas markets, foreign direct investments and operations of transnational corporations, global branding, communicative adaptation, etc.

This course will review unique technologies which affect the efficient corporate performance. The representatives of IIEM emphasize that knowledge in European management is essential for modern executives; furthermore, by learning western educational trends recent graduates can take right strategic decisions and become true experts in management.

Laura Savoldi, associate professor at Turin Polytechnic University, starts working in the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems. She was invited to lecture in the framework of the Winter school on nuclear power engineering. After the Winter school, Laura Savoldi plans to continue working in our University up to the end of March 2016. The Italian associate professor has participated in various international projects, including the project with EFDA (Development of the 4C code for simulating thermal-hydraulic transition processes in conductors, coil structure and cryogenic scheme in 2006-2008). In addition, Laura Savoldi has been involved in joint scientific research projects, as well as preparing applications for grants in EU and Asia. In the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems she is going to read a course on thermal-hydraulic analysis of three test means of transportation for gyrotron cavity.

Benni Rafael, associate professor at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, is a visiting professor in many top-rated universities and the author of a large number of publications. His scientific research interests are closely linked to the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems. His lectures for students of IETS in the spring term will be oriented to the course “Smart buildings and automation systems”.

Scientific Finland is also going to take part in SPbPU’s life. Urje Uhani Huvarninen, professor at Lappeenranta Technological University, regularly publishes in the Finnish mass media on the development of nuclear education and nuclear safety issues. Professor’s expertise in theoretical nuclear thermal-hydraulics will undoubtedly be useful for IETS students.

Professor Ozer Igra, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Izrael), is a co-chairman of the International Symposium on shock waves (Tel Aviv, Izrael).

In the Institute for Military Engineering and Safety Research professor Ozer Igra is a very welcome guest. The professor will tell students about technical means of explosion prevention and explosion protection. The nearest plans of IMESR staff include developing a joint Master’s program with Negev University. The Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications (IPNT) is preparing to meet Men Tao, associate professor at Zhejiang University. IPTN employees point out that inviting a foreign professor implies joint educational and scientific projects.

All international professors are convinced that students’ community is really interested in acquiring new knowledge and achieving excellent results. For each of them, collaboration with SPbPU means a special page in their professional biography, experience of successful and challenging projects and promising inter-university cooperation.

We hope that all our colleagues will implement all their plans, realize their strategic ideas and find talented research solutions!

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