SPbPU Professors Invited to Give Lectures at Indian Universities

4 March 2016 International activities 552
Global Initiative of Academic Networks GIAN

SPbPU professors have been invited to give lectures at Indian universities as part of the global academic mobility program GIAN (Global Initiative of Academic Networks).

GIAN is a program of courses held by foreign scientists and professors at Indian universities, scientific institutions, and production companies during winter and summer holidays.

Scientists and professors from any Russian universities can take part in the program, whether they have partner organization in India or not. Programs range from 12-14 hours to 20-28 hours. For detailed information on the program, please visit  http://www.gian.iitkgp.ac.in

There are two ways to enter the program:

1) Send the outline of the course to the concerned representatives of Indian organizations if you already have contacts in India

For the program template and submission form, please visit  http://www.gian.iitkgp.ac.in/ccourses/startForProposal

2) If you don't have a partner in India, you can still submit a request for a course. The request will be submitted to all educational, scientific, and other organizations in India that take part in the program.

To submit a request, please visit http://www.gian.iitkgp.ac.in/ccourses/startExpInterest

Lecturers taking part in the program receive $8000 fees, which includes transportation and accommodation. The most valuable aspect, however, is making acquaintance with Indian partners and expanding opportunities for further cooperation. The Polytechnic University currently collaborates with five Indian universities. SPbPU is also a part of the international Russian-Indian Network of Higher Education Institutions. On February 11-12, 2016, during the Congress of the Association of Russian-Indian Universities held in Bombay, 11 leading Indian partner universities expressed willingness to host SPbPU professors for giving lectures

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