SPbPU’s victories in international grant competitions

29 January 2024 International activities 152

The results of the competitive selection for support of scientific and scientific and technical projects have been finalized. They are jointly carried out by educational and scientific organizations located in St. Petersburg and the Republic of Belarus.

In the process of implementation of the joint project

SPbPU is represented by the scientific team of the Institute of Machinery, Materials, and Transport under the leadership of the Institute’s Director, Professor Anatoly Popovich. The Belarusian side is represented by Powder Metallurgy Institute named by the Academician O.V. Roman under the leadership of its Director, Academician of the NAS of Belarus Alexander Ilyushchenko.

In the course of the project, the scientific teams will develop industrial solutions for the implementation of the process of forming complex profile parts from polymer composite and ceramic materials using additive manufacturing technologies. In addition, the knowledge gained will be actively applied in the transformation of the master’s degree and postgraduate programs of Polytechnic University and the Institute of Powder Metallurgy. This will help to attract talented students and researchers to real R&D.

According to the results of the competition held jointly by the Russian Science Foundation and the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research, the winners included a joint project of SPbPU-ITMO National Academy of Sciences of Belarus entitled «Integrated approach to creating a scientific basis for the design of energy-efficient heat exchangers with air-cooled finned tube bundles operating under the dominant effects of free convection».

The knowledge gained will be actively applied in graduate and postgraduate programs

Teachers and researchers of the Graduate School of Applied Mathematics and Computational Physics and the Research Laboratory of Hydroaerodynamics of the Physical and Mechanical Institute of SPbPU in cooperation with researchers of the Turbulence Laboratory of the A.V. Lykov Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer of the NAS of Belarus have started research aimed at creating a methodology for thermal-hydraulic calculation and design of working units of air-cooled apparatuses and heat exchangers (AHE and THE).

The international scientific team includes 11 researchers from Russia and Belarus. The research team of SPbPU is headed by Associate Professor Marina Zasimova, and the ITMO team of the NAS of Belarus is headed by researcher Galina Marshalova. The aim of the project is to develop a scientifically grounded methodology for thermal and hydraulic calculation and design of working units of AHE and THE: bundles of tubes with external fins, cooled from outside by air flow in modes influenced by the effects of free convection and natural draught.

The project of the Advanced Digital Engineering School of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (AES SPbPU) «Development on the basis of digital twin and artificial intelligence technologies, as well as the application of a digital model of a technical system with elements made of a new structural material MONICA, operating under conditions of sliding friction and mechanical fatigue» won the competitive selection to support joint scientific and scientific-technical projects.

Alexey Borovkov, scientific supervisor of the project, head of the SPbPU Advanced Digital Engineering School, Complex Engineering Center (CompMechLab®); Nikolay Vatin, head of the «Digital Engineering in Civil Engineering» Scientific and Technological Complex of NSP SPbPU; Ivan Martynov, a researcher of CompMechLab® department of automobile and machinery development, and Igor Shander, the responsible executor of the project, a leading engineer of CompMechLab® department of automobile and machinery development, SPbPU.

Alexey Borovkov - Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation of SPbPU

The scientific team from Belarus is represented by the staff of the Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus. The project leader is Sergei Shcherbakov, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Physical and Technical Sciences of the NAS of Belarus, assisted by Vadim Kukareko, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

To solve the research problems, the project participants will develop mechanical and mathematical models of the shaft/insert force system, conduct computer modeling and analysis of the spatial stress-strain state of the force system, in which the insert is made of the new structural material MONICA, as well as create a neural network modeling the extreme values of stresses in the shaft/insert system depending on the values of contact and non-contact loads.

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