SPbPU Hosted the Youth Festival of Peoples' Friendship

26 April 2016 International activities 737

The Youth Festival of People's Friendship, which took place from 12 to 15 April in Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, gathered students who represent different SPbPU institutes and other universities of the city.

SPbPU Hosted the Youth Festival of Peoples' Friendship

The organizer of the Festival - the Cultural and Educational Center "Harmony" of SPbPU Institute of Humanities – invited to participate the most talented, creative, and prospective students, who aspire to claim their role in the world, their professional calling, to demonstrate their abilities, and even leave a trace in the university's history.

"The main idea of the event is to form a generous attitude to each other among youngsters, to support creative undertakings, and to promote interesting projects, which affect the development of our university," – said the head of the project, Deputy Head of the "Harmony" Cultural and Educational Center T.A. NAM.

SPbPU Hosted the Youth Festival of Peoples' Friendship

Each Institute showed a representation of a certain country – students of the Institute for Military Engineering and Safety Research danced Spanish rumba, the team of the Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade offered the audience to enjoy the beauties of France, students of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics invited the audience to Great Britain… In all, for two hours of the event, the audience visited six countries of the world!

"One of our main goals is to form students' cultural identity through the awareness of traditions and customs of different countries. We tried to contribute into cultural and moral education of students, into forming their aesthetic tastes and preferences, into publicizing creative achievements and language education," – explained T.A. NAM. The Festival helped to strengthen relationship between different SPbPU Institutes and establish contacts with partner universities. 12 teams took part in the event; they represented Institutes of Polytech and other universities of the city: the Russian State Hydrometeorological University, the North-Western Institute of Management of the Russian Federation Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

In support of the words of Tatiana Anatolyevna, the student of SPbPU Institute of Energy and Transport Systems Andrey DORONIN shared his impressions of the Festival: "We decided to give the audience a mini-musical. The title of our performance is "Love without borders". I hope that we managed to show that skin color, language, country, religion, and residence do not matter. Our team consisted of students from Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Russia, and the Republic of Bashkortostan. We proved that for creativity and friendship internal qualities of a person, individual style, and good relationships are of special importance and value. We became real friends."

SPbPU Hosted the Youth Festival of Peoples' Friendship

At the end of the Festival the students participated in the creative meeting, where they sang songs, learned to win arguments with experienced tutors from the Logic and philosophy club DI@ GEN, played music, and residents of the writer's club "PolyNova" shared their poems with the audience – profound and resonant messages to themselves and humanity.

For information:

The "Harmony" Cultural and Educational Center of the Institute of Humanities is an open educational platform, which contributes to implementing great creative projects on organizing the entertaining life of students and their extra-curricular activity. The main goal of the Center's activity is to deliver essential and necessary humanitarian knowledge to students in mostly informal formats, such as open lectures and courses, round-tables, discussion clubs, festivals, and etc.

The International Relations Office jointly with the Cultural and Educational Center "Harmony" (The Institute of Humanities, SPbPU)

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