International Polytechnic Week 2016 Starts at SPbPU

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On May 24, 2016, the grand opening of the International Polytechnic Week took place at SPbPU. The program included various events dedicated to the development of partnership between the Polytechnic University and numerous universities around the globe, discussion of strategic objectives and practices, solution of problems associated with the promotion of SPbPU's achievements and increase in the contingent of foreign students interested in obtaining quality education and a competitive diploma.

International Polytechnic Week 2016 Starts at SPbPU

During the International Polytechnic Week, all participants will be able to attend the 18th International conference "Economics, environment, and society: Russia in the 21st century"; seminar "International cooperation: best practices of network cooperation and strategic partnership"; digital arts workshop of the TEMPUS project "Development of arts education in Russia: new master's degree programs in digital arts according to the EU standards"; International seminar of the EU on the promotion of the European educational program "Study abroad" for students of SPbPU and other Russian universities; 10th International conference "Modern problems of the education of foreign students in Russian universities; International training seminar "Effective services for the professional and social support of international experts and for ensuring their attachment to universities participating in the project on the enhancement of competitiveness of the leading Russian universities"; Russian–Finnish seminar "European tool for good neighborly relations between Russia and Finland"; engineering competitions for students in association with the Airbus company; International student film festival; and other events.

International Polytechnic Week 2016 Starts at SPbPU

This year, over 50 delegates from Germany, Finland, France, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Holland, China, Kazakhstan, and various Russian regions took part in the International Polytechnic Week. This is the first time India and China participate in the event.

The International Polytechnic Week has long become a special occasion for SPbPU, approved by the leading experts from various universities. The modern history of SPbPU is closely associated with internationalization, which enhances recognizability, competitiveness, and prestige of the university. Over 4,500 foreign students are currently studying at the Polytechnic University. They are interested in long-term and short-term educational programs, summer schools, semester exchange programs, etc.

Professors from the world's leading universities give lectures at SPbPU. They all point out the high quality of equipment, unique labs and research. All that combined allows for good professional results.

International Polytechnic Week 2016 Starts at SPbPU

Each student has the opportunity to take part in research, thus gaining valuable hands-on experience. SPbPU is always open for new ideas and offers, which is particularly important considering the development of global educational cooperation and emergence of international alliances uniting associates and colleagues.

This is what D. G. Arseniev, Vice-Rector for International Relations, was talking about in his welcome speech at the opening of the International Polytechnic Week plenary session. "We are happy to welcome all participants of the International Polytechnic Week in our university. The main aim of this event is to create a platform for the discussion of the pressing issues of internationalization and cooperation between universities, network and strategic partnerships, and best internationalization practices of partner universities," Dmitry Germanovich explained.

International Polytechnic Week 2016 Starts at SPbPU

The Vice-Rector also talked about the opening of an office of the Polytechnic University in Shanghai and a Russian Language Center at Jiangsu University, important joint projects with major Chinese companies and higher education institutions. The strengthening of the Russian-Chinese relationship amid globalization is strategically important for the economic stability and sustainable development of the countries on the international stage," D. G. Arseniev went on.

Apart from the Eastern direction, SPbPU is also working on enhancing cooperation with the West, implementing joint programs with several European universities.

The next person to take the floor during the plenary session was A. M. Alexankov, Director of the Institute of International Educational Programs. He presented the project "Education in Russian and learning Russian language", which is being implemented in association with other Russian universities. According to Alexankov, Russian educational programs are in high demand among foreign students, and the government is paying particular attention to the promotion of the Russian language and culture, which combines the spirituality and traditions of numerous generations.

Among other speakers were Su Jin, Director of the SPbPU office in Shanghai (China); Dimitris Diamantis, Director at Metropolitan College (Greece); Victoria Kompanets, Coordinator of Russian Cooperation Programs at Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland); Franck Leprevost, Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg; and Aderito Fernandez-Marcos, professor at Universidade Aberta (Portugal).

In their speeches, delegates from SPbPU's partner universities addressed the issues of internationalization of education and the need to establish network partnership. Each speaker emphasized the importance of cooperation with SPbPU, its good vibe, and immediate solution of any problems. "We enjoy being in St. Petersburg during the 'White Nights'. The weather is inspiring, and the hospitality of the hosts ensures productive and exciting stay in the city. We are looking for an effective and beneficial dialog," the participants of the event shared.

We would like to congratulate you on the opening of the International Polytechnic Week and wish you professional success!

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