Sport Units Students from Different Countries

15 June 2016 International activities 891

Sound mind in a sound body! Regular exercise positively affects harmonious development of a person, help them overcome obstacles and have places of honor on a pedestal.

Sport Units Students from Different Countries

“Sport units people,” believe the foreign students studying in SPbPU. It should be noted that participation of foreign citizens in various sport events is a part of the general adaptation program for foreign students, which is aimed at tackling important issues related to increase in motivation of the students and creation of favorable conditions facilitating their studies in the Polytechnic University.

Thus, just recently SPbPU held 15th Lesser Student Olympic Games, organized by the IPEST jointly with the IIEP. Representatives from more than 50 countries of the world that study at different universities of St. Petersburg took part in the Games. The Olympic flame was set by Chanda Chishimba, student from South Africa, while the flag was raised, under accompaniment of the “Democratic Youth Hymn”, by Chuluun Serge Batdorzh (Mongolia), the Chairman of the Foreign Student Sport Council.

Sport Units Students from Different Countries

The students were congratulated on the opening of the Lesser Student Olympic Games by L.P. Shiyanov, chairman of Voluntary Fitness and Sport Society, V.P. Suschenko, director of the IPEST, A.M. Alexankov, director of the IIEP, Al Judi Vaddakh, representative of the Russian-Arab society, I.I. Baranova, head of the department “Russian as a foreign language” and other guests of honor.

The foreign Polytechnicians made everyone happy with excellent results and achievements. In the badminton competition the best results were shown by the Vietnamese students, the unquestionable champion in street-ball was a team from China. In addition, a lot of students were awarded certificates of honor for their active work in Sportsovet.

Sport Units Students from Different Countries

Another international sport even was a football match between foreign students of St. Petersburg, including those from the Polytechnic University, and SPbSU students. The match was dedicated to the first international football match of the year 1911 between Britain and Russia.

The greeting speeches and wishes of success to the players of the year 2016 were made by Anatoly Turchak, president of St. Petersburg Football Federation, Anatoly Zinchenko, general director of St. Petersburg Football Federation and others. The match was commented by Yury Lukosyak, sport journalist, member of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics, chief editor of the newspaper “Futbolny Arkhiv” (rus. for Football Archive).

It was pleasant to see that the foreign students of the Polytechnic University demonstrated harmonious team game, excellent physical fitness and were able to decently fight off the opponents.

Sport Units Students from Different Countries

“International football for us is, first of all, friendship between students from various countries of the world,” shared his views one of the participants of the match.

According to independent referees, the following ones stood out in the game: Farrukh Rustamov, captain of the foreign team (Uzbekistan), Ivan Krndija (Serbia), Bumaza Abderrazek (Algeria), Tshishimbi Chanda (South Africa), Dore Mamuna (Guinea) and Patrick Mumba (Zambia).

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