Polytechnic students tell about studies in international educational programs

2 March 2018 International activities 1400

Just a few decades ago, studies abroad seemed to be a pipe dream. Today, not only this is quite a realistic possibility, but also a noticeable competitive advantage allowing alumni to gain valuable international experience, master their professional skills and be more efficient when looking for employment.  International educational programs have been implemented at SPbPU for many years; besides this, Polytechnic University students can go to study at foreign universities under the programs of academic mobility. Our University’s information resources bring out stories about the worldwide experience of Russian and international Polytechnic students on regular basis. Thus, a student of the Institute of Computer Science and Technology (ICST) Eugenia Alekseyeva shared impressions about her internship at the International Space University (ISU), and an SPbPU postgraduate student, Maria ILATOVSKAYA, told about the year of her studies at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology; students from the Berlin Technical University (TU Berlin) Amelie HAHLER and Sophie REECK shared their opinions about studying at Polytechnic University.

SPbPU student Yulina Nustarova told about the Master’s degree program on the International Business Development

Recently, two more Polytechnic students shared their opinions about the SPbPU international educational programs. Yulina NUSTAROVA came to St. Petersburg from Dushanbe (Tajikistan). At SPbPU, Yulina is studying in the Master's degree international program of International Business Development. Lidia GLUKHOVA (Russia) is studying innovative entrepreneurship in the Master's degree program of the same name. Speaking with representatives of international services, the students told about what influenced their choice of the field of study, peculiarities of international educational programs, their difficulties and opportunities they open to graduates, and also spoke about their plans for the future. Our interview is about this and not only.

- Yulina, Lidia, we are glad to see you! Please tell us, where did you study prior to your Master's degree program and why did you choose exactly these spheres for your further education?

Yulina: Prior to the Master's degree program I had been studying here, at Polytechnic. I graduated from the Bachelor's degree program on "Accounting, Auditing and Analysis." I've got a very good basic knowledge in the sphere of economics and decided to continue my education in the Master's degree program of "International Business Development." I believe that this is a very promising direction; besides, the education is carried out in English, and this is a great opportunity for me to improve my skills.

Lidia: I graduated from the same program as Yulina: we both studied in the same grade and I absolutely agree with her opinion on our education. I chose the Master's degree program on "Innovative Entrepreneurship" based on the competencies offered and the possibility of constant interaction with international students.

- Could you please tell us what particular qualities of the programs you chose are?

Yulina: I believe that a true manager should be a leader with high analytical and managerial skills. My program gives me an opportunity to gain vast knowledge in the sphere of business management at the international arena; skills of working in international media, and team-working experience. Besides this, upon graduation, the students receive two diplomas at the same time: one from SPbPU and another from the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria, which Polytechnic University implements this program with.

SPbPU student Lidia GLUKHOVA told about the Master’s degree program on Innovative Entrepreneurship

Lidia: I like it that one of the major features of the "Innovative Entrepreneurship" is group work. We have students from various countries in our group: India, Pakistan, France, China, Botswana. Team division happens on random basis, and you never know who you are going to work with at the next class. Such cooperation unites absolutely different people for generation of ideas, creation and development of projects. This brings the opportunity to gain experience of inter-cultural communication and team work. After graduation, students will also receive two diplomas: from Polytechnic University and TU Berlin.

- And what is the most difficult in the studying process?

Yulina: Unlike the Bachelor's degree program, where we had quite a few disciplines of general character, the Master's degree program includes highly specialized subjects. There is no chance to stay aside; you have to get into everything and really study a lot. Studying in a foreign language does not make the process easier, and this is why I am trying to improve my command of English the soonest.

Lidia: I guess that this is project activities. As I already mentioned, the group work is an important advantage of the educational program; however, at the same time, this is not an easy process, demanding high concentration. It is necessary to get cooperated, distribute tasks and choose the proper pace of work.

- Would you recommend other students to choose international educational programs?

Yulina: Absolutely! The constant language practice, lots of projects, skills of working with people from various countries, interactive education and active discussions not only provide for a rich base of knowledge, but also contribute to the experience for realization of future business ideas.

Lidia: No doubt, I do recommend. However, be ready that studies ahead will not be easy: you will have a lot of projects to implement, to work in teams, and lots of practical tasks. We should be always included in the educational process.

- Would you please tell about your plans for the future?

Yulina: I'd love to apply my knowledge for the development of my own business. My little dream is a shop of oriental sweets.

Lidia: After graduation, I would love to work on startups in the IT and nanotechnology spheres. I am looking forward for the new discipline on the "Development of innovative product." I am sure that the knowledge I got will help me to put my ideas into practice.

- Yulina, Lidia, thank you very much for your interesting interview. We wish you all the success in your studying and creative projects!

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