Summer 2022: news digest from the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai

8 September 2022 International activities 408

In summer 2022 the activities of the official Representative Office of SPbPU in Shanghai were focused on two important areas: establishing new contacts and strengthening cooperation with existing partners. The staff of the representative office took part in a series of strategically significant events, conferences and forums, made presentations of the university at large international venues and provided active consulting support for potential Chinese applicants. About this and more read in our news digest.

The International Polytechnic Summer School was attended by many students from China

Chinese students choose International Polytechnic Summer School

The International Polytechnic Summer School is traditionally popular with students from China. This year more than 320 people participated in the school with the support of the Representative Office. The most popular subjects for them were IT, power engineering, Russian language and culture. Most of the students were connected to the online broadcasting from Zhejiang University (a strategic partner of SPbPU), Shanghai Maritime University and Beihang University. Classes were held in English. In addition to the educational part, a cultural program was organized for all students of the International Polytechnic Summer School: interactive online excursions, conversation clubs and quizzes.

Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange Conference

Lu Zhiyu, Director of SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai, participated in the Youth Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange, which was held in July in Yancheng (Jiangsu province, China). At the conference Lu Zhiyu made a presentation about Polytechnic University, where he presented the key achievements of cooperation between SPbPU and universities and organizations of China during the work of the Shanghai office. The presentation was followed by working meetings with representatives of Chinese companies who were interested in the successful experience of SPbPU. All in all, the conference was attended by more than 300 people — sponsors, mentors, investors, entrepreneurs, representatives of the city administration and youth associations in the field of business and innovation.

Roadshow of Achievements of the National Program for Science and Technology

The staff of the Representative Office took part in a large-scale event organized by the National Innovation Center par excellence (hereinafter — NICE). The event was supported at a high level of the Chinese government, and a series of road shows is planned to be held twice a month, attracting leading research institutes and investment companies. The staff of the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai got acquainted with the international projects supported by the NICE, learned about the latest trends in industry development and research results, and agreed on the presentation of SPbPU scientific and technological projects.

The staff of the Representative Office took part in the Youth Conference on Exchange of Innovations and Entrepreneurship

Negotiations with the JITRI office

In August the online discussions between the staff of the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai and Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (hereinafter — JITRI) were held. Representatives of the NICE and JITRI presented an overview of various international projects from different countries related to recycling of rare earth elements from waste, creation of new synthetic materials, etc. Polytechnic University presented three projects for possible further cooperation, devoted to special composites, thermoplastic polymers and nanocement. In the near future, it is planned to transfer extended negotiations to discuss interaction on each project.

Development of cooperation with Shandong Qidao Railway University

Cooperation between SPbPU and Shandong University of Railway Transport (SHURT) continues to develop. The Chinese partner is engaged in comprehensive training of students in road, sea, air and railway directions. Every year, the SHURT Institute of Foreign Languages sends its students to Russian universities, many of whom come to Polytechnic University. In the near future, SPbPU and SHURT plan to strengthen cooperation — the parties are discussing increasing the number of Chinese students in the main educational programs of SPbPU and intensification of scientific and academic exchanges. The draft of the cooperation agreement is being finalized and is scheduled to be signed in the fall of 2022.

In summer 2022 a series of presentations of SPbPU for potential foreign applicants was held

Work with Chinese applicants

The staff of the Representative Office continues to provide consulting support to foreign applicants of the People’s Republic of China on matters of enrollment and education at SPbPU. In summer 2022, the Shanghai office held a series of business meetings and negotiations with Chinese universities and recruiting companies, organized and participated in a series of thematic events, one of which was the Open Day at SPbPU, which included presentations of educational programs and the university campus, as well as reviews of student communities and events.

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