Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg Franck Leprevost visited SPbPU

20 November 2015 International activities 559

On November 16-20, 2015, Franck Leprevost, Vice President of the University of Luxembourg, visited SPbPU. It was his fourth visit to our university. This time, the discussion focused on cooperation in two directions: the UNICA Network and inspection for THE World Ranking.

The Polytechnic University was represented by D. G. Arseniev, Vise-Rector for International Realtions; V. D. Khizhnyak, Head of the International Relations Office; V. S. Zaborovsky, Director of the Institute of Computer Sciences and Technologies; M. V. Pakhomova, Head of the Human Resources Department; and S. V. Salkucan, Director of the project office for the Competitive Recovery Program.

Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg Franck Leprevost visited SPbPU

The University of Luxembourg is one of the strategic partners of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Despite its brief history, this higher education institution has already approved itself on the international stage, sustaining high quality of education and expertise of the academic staff. The world's best professors give lectures at the University of Luxembourg, while students go abroad to study or to undergo internships on a regular basis.

The cooperation between SPbPU and the University of Luxembourg is enhancing in terms of academic mobility, development of joint research, education programs, and postgraduate and PhD training. In 2014, the universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Since then, Professor Franck Leprevost has delivered two open lectures to SPbPU students. The Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg has been cooperating with our university in the capacity of international expert on university management and visiting professor during the whole process of interuniversity cooperation. The universities' joint research was aimed at the development of computer information protection programs and development in the field of financial management and information technologies in the banking business. SPbPU students highly praised Franck Leprevost's teaching skills, and his lecture 'Chanel No. 5, diamonds, and potassium cyanide: a million-dollar puzzle' was a revelation for everyone.

The Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg will be working at the Polytechnic University until late 2016. He will be giving lectures at the Institute of Computer Sciences and Technologies and can be potentially engaged in the Project Office of the 5-100-2020 Program in the capacity of expert.

On November 16, 2015, he signed a labor contract. "I am happy with the way our relationship is developing, and I am sure my work at SPbPU will bring its benefits," the Professor claimed

Another issue that was discussed at the meeting was the development of an educational outsourcing mechanism. Both parties have agreed that it will be particularly relevant in the field of computer sciences. Franck Leprevost has confirmed that the European University Association keeps track of SPbPU's progress.

Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg Franck Leprevost visited SPbPU

"The cooperation with Franck Leprevost on the 5-100-2020 Program is expected to focus on the promotion of the SPbPU brand on the international stage. Reputation is one of the key factors in international rankings. We hope that Franck's competence will be useful for the promotion of our university abroad," S. V. Salkucan pointed out.

The correlation between the development of the regional economy and higher education institutions is Mr. Leprevost's area of expertise. He believes that universities ensure successful operation in many business areas, serving as innovative foundations for various start-ups. Franck Leprevost is planning to study this subject together with SPbPU in then nearest future. The foreign specialist expects the results of the study to serve as a basis for successful projects that will find practical use. He has complete support of his Russian counterparts.

For information:

Professor Franck Leprevost has been the Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg since December 2005. He specializes in algorithmic number theory and cryptology. Before being appointed Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg, Franck worked at the University of Grenoble, France, and was a researcher at CNRS in Paris. It is in this city that he got his PhD in Mathematics. Mr. Leprevost took part in projects of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics (Bonn), TU Berlin, and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. He has written over 50 scientific papers, and gives an average of 8 international lectures per year.

The University of Luxembourg was founded in 2003, being the first and only university of the Great Principality. The university specializes in international business and finance; computer security; biomedical technologies; European and business law; pedagogy and education in the multicultural context. According to Web of Science, the university's citation ratio for the 2008-2013 period is 12.1 (by way of contrast, MIPT's citation ratio is 1.77).

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