SPbPU Winter School on Nuclear Power Engineering Closes its Doors

10 February 2016 International activities 1165

On February 5, 2016, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University held a closing ceremony for the International Polytechnic School on Nuclear Power Engineering.

For two weeks, students from Italy, Finland, South Korea, Czech Republic, and other countries attended lectures given by the leading professors from the world's major universities, who shared not only theoretical knowledge, but also real experience of participation in nuclear power engineering projects.

SPbPU Winter School on Nuclear Power Engineering Closes its Doors

Among the lecturers of the Winter School were V. V. Artisyuk, Vice-Rector for International Activity of the Rosatom Central Institute for Continuing Education (ROSATOM-CICE&T), and representatives of the Czech Technical University (Prof. Radek Skoda, Pavel Zakha, and Vaclav Dostal), Polytechnic University of Turin (Prof. Roberto Zanino and Piero Ravetto, Ass. Prof. Laura Savoldi), Lappeenranta University of Technology (Prof. Juhani Hyvärinen), and Polytechnic University of Milan (Prof. Marco Ricotti).

The international composition of participants proves that all current problems of nuclear power engineering are global and have significant impact on the development of world science. Foreign lecturers addressed crucial issues concerning the future of nuclear power, current state of science in universities, opportunities for project commercialization, and need for cooperation between researchers, experts, and subject specialists.

SPbPU Winter School on Nuclear Power Engineering Closes its Doors

Intensive workshops were followed by exciting meetings with experts in power engineering, who talked to their young apprentices about the implementation of strategic plans and the important problems that the modern science is facing. Everyone agreed that the world of power engineering is a community of like-minded people, who regularly meet at international conferences, symposiums, and other public events. It is extremely important to stay informed of innovations and impart this knowledge to students. This is exactly what Prof. Radek Skoda from the Czech Technical University does. He believes that nuclear safety is the priority direction in power engineering. Radek Skoda's students work in major energy companies, taking part in global projects.

SPbPU Winter School on Nuclear Power Engineering Closes its Doors

Prof. Marco Ricotti from the Polytechnic University of Milan thinks that modern energy science needs ambitious enthusiasts. According to him, careers in engineering have once again gained popularity among the younger generation, who aim to secure a stable future and competitive salary.

Foreign experts unanimously emphasized the special role that Russia plays in the development of global power engineering. State corporation Rosatom pays considerable attention to the education and advanced training of young experts, who are always highly sought-after in both internal and external labor markets. The lecture by Prof. V. V. Atrisyuk from ROSATOM-CICE&T, dedicated to the relevant issues of nuclear power, made an impression on all participants of the Winter School.

"Prof. Artisyuk's energy is impressive. His lecture was both comprehensible and exciting. He obviously has a lot of experience in teaching in foreign universities and communicating with foreign young people. V. V. Artisyuk managed to present the issues of internalization of power engineering as an innovative approach and relevant data," one of the participants claimed.

Sponsors of the Winter School on Nuclear Power Engineering are certain that this kind of education will help future experts better understand the opportunities for individual scientific development and discover new horizons in the world of power engineering. That is what N. A. Zabelin, Director of the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems (IETS), was talking about on February 5.

"I want to congratulate you on the completion of this course and I wish every one of you great success in your future career. I am sure that the participants of the Winter School on Nuclear Energy will make fine experts in international power engineering. We're happy to see young, positive people. Good luck in all your endeavors!" Nikolay Alekseyevich proclaimed.

The Director of the IETS was joined by V. V. Sergeyev, Head of the Department of Nuclear Power Engineering and Thermal Physics. He expressed confidence that the project will continue, and new professors and experts will be invited.

Curators of the Winter School on Nuclear Power Engineering A. S. Aleshina, PhD (Engineering), and E. A. Sokolova, Ass. Prof. of the Department of Nuclear Power Engineering and Thermal Physics, expressed gratitude to the participants for the cooperation and friendly support.

"It has been a most exciting and rich experience. We are grateful to every one of you. You didn't cut classes, paid attention to what professors were saying, and continuously made us happy with your attitude. We are hoping that the knowledge you have got at the Winter School will prove helpful you in you career," A.S. ALESHINA shared.

For Anna Fortova and Mikhail Zeman, students of the Czech Technical University, participation in the Winter School on Nuclear Power Engineering means brilliant career prospects and new business contacts. A lot of students from the Czech Technical University find employment at Czech nuclear power plants. Professors make a significant contribution to the convergence with Russian universities. Students particularly highlighted Prof. Vaclav Dostal, who also delivered lectures at the Winter School.

"We respect the achievements of the Polytechnic University, and we believe it will make a lot of important breakthroughs of global importance. Over the two weeks of the Winter School, we got to see all major sights that St. Petersburg has to offer and discovered the history of your city," the students assured.

By the end of the event, all participants were awarded certificates of completion of the International Polytechnic Winter School on Nuclear Power Engineering. We're glad that all foreign guests promised to come back to SPbPU for new knowledge and experience. We are sure they will. We wish you great success!

International Educational Projects Office, SPbPU

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