The Polytechnic Birthday Ball

19 February 2019 Culture 1191

On February 18, the magnificent sounds of the most romantic event of the year, the Winter Student Ball, sounded again, this time honoring the 120th birthday of the Polytechnic. This year, the guests who came to attend the jubilee SPbPU events, rectors of foreign universities and international partners of Polytechnic University, had a great chance to see this festivity.

The Winter Student Ball took place in the honor of the 120th anniversary of Polytechnic University

Polytechnic University is strong with its traditions. Once a year, a student ball takes place on the premises of the Fundamental Library for the students who have distinguished themselves in academic studies, research, sports of cultural activities. Each year, the students can hear the words of the first director of St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute Prince Andrey GAGARIN addressed to the very first students of the institution: “Above all, work hard, do your best, wear fingers to the bone and master professions you’ve chosen at your very best. Be diligent now, train your brain while it can easily conform, and the great habit will stay with you for the rest of your life,” these words, as actual today as they were then, gave start to the official ball ceremony.

“I am greeting you, dear colleagues and friends, and I kindly beg you to remember this day for the rest of your life, because you are asked for a dance in the honor of Polytechnic Institute’s birthday, a dance in the honor of studentship! I wish you, guys, to be the first and the best! Your knowledge, experience, insistence and natural talents will always help you culminate in anything!” SPbPU Rector Andrey RUDSKOI addressed the guests and declared the ball open.

Foreign partners and friends who came to congratulate the Polytechnic with its 120th birthday were invited to the ball

The polonaise blared forth and the guests of honor made several rounds of this ceremonial dance march together with the students. The foreign guests were impressed with the solid Polytechnic traditions: they could not have imagined that a true ball would give start to the university jubilee. “It is just like in Vienna! It is so great that we were involved into this solemn atmosphere and could dance with our colleagues,” Director of the DAAD Information Service Beate KOLBERG shared her impressions.

Participants of the ball were the best Polytechnic students, holders of the Academic Council’s scholarships, merited for their academic achievements, winners of grant contest, engineering championships, and medal holders. The medal of the “Best SPbPU Graduate” was awarded to Vadim SHMATOV, a graduate of the Department of “Information Security of Computer Systems” of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (IPMM). Last January, Vadim defended his diploma with excellence: he had only the top marks through the whole period of his studying at the university. “I had never expected to be invited to the ball. It is a great pleasure to be among the best university students! I would like to thank Polytechnic University and my department for the perfect conditions for the development and growth. See you again at my postgraduate studies!” the “golden” graduate shared his impressions.

The best in studies, culture, and sports students were awarded prizes at the ball

Polka, quadrille, waltz: 250 students under the guidance of dance master Maxim SOLOMATIN and accompaniment of the brass band of Peter the Great Marine Corps could sense the magic of bygone times, when ladies shone with their outfits and gentlemen were gallant and courteous. The ball in the honor of the 120th birthday of the Polytechnic was a success!

The material was prepared by the Directorate of Cultural Programs and Youth Creativity

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